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If this ends up as a new Spy cosmetic...
If this ends up as a new Spy cosmetic…

Normally, most blog posts asking people to do things with or for Valve generally require a little know-how. Some elbow grease. A bit of effort. That sort of thing. Then again, generally, Valve like to ask us to make cosmetic items which they can sell and you get some profit from if you’re one of the select few who manage to get chosen and all that. Let’s just say, the chances are slim.

But after today’s blog post, we’ve got something different. Merchandise. T-Shirts. Posters. Stuff like that. From the blog post, it seems that it’s just t-shirts and posters for now.

So yes, Valve wants us to design merchandise for Team Fortress 2, to sell via a company called WeLoveFine. Turns out, Valve won’t be paying us royalties if our designs get chosen, this WeLoveFine group will. Actually, the majority of this will go through WeLoveFine, the only thing Valve is doing is putting everything in the workshop so people can vote for it, then sending it all along to WeLoveFine to actually make these things real.

All this stuff, once it’s made, will be sold by Valve and WeLoveFine and some unidentified brick and mortar locations. Probably with huge amounts of shipping for those who live outside the US, if you’re purchasing from Valve.

Here’s the FAQ for those who want to know more.


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