Your Eternal Frustration

A couple of weeks ago I realized my inventory had filled up with duplicates. I seemed to have three of every weapon I didn’t like and none of the weapons I was really keen on. So I had a look at Crafting blueprints on the Wiki. My Spy loadout was looking a bit bland and I wanted to try out a new knife. So the first new thing I crafted was Your Eternal Reward. What a mistake.

To craft this knife you need to mix Reclaimed Metal with the Cloak and Dagger. Alrighty, I had three of those watches and a ton of useless Heavy weapons. Your Eternal Reward is the chunky knife that allows you to instantly disguise yourself as whoever you manage to backstab with it. Good around Sentries because the disguise is applied so quickly it never detects a Spy there.

Clip 21
New knife? What could possibly go wrong?

It also cloaks the body of your victim, blocks any death sounds they make and hides the event from the Kill Feed. Their teammates, in theory, have no idea they’re dead. So what’s the problem with this weapon?

Well, it doesn’t let you use your disguise kit. Therefore you have to backstab a guy to become disguised in the first place. This means a Spy with Your Eternal Reward will be forced to rely completely on their invisiblity watch of choice. They’ll have a much harder job sneaking behind enemy fortifications, using all their skill just to get that first backstab. Challenging enough for a seasoned player. For a young Engineer/Pyro main such as myself, it’s hellishly difficult.

Clip 22
It also means you can’t be Spycrab. D:

Your Eternal Reward is one of those weapons that looks fantastic on paper (or the Wiki) but is actually difficult or frustrating to use. Even if you do manage to sneak behind an enemy and stab them, Murphy’s Law dictates that one of the following will happen:

  • One of the victim’s comrades will spot you just as you make the stab, then alert everybody else that Player X is a Spy.

  • One of your comrades will walk past you and invite a blast from the nearest Sentry, killing you in the crossfire.

  • You’ll go for a second backstab, miss, lose your disguise and have to do all the hard work again.

And obviously, if you die your disguise drops. Your disguise drops, you have to get that first backstab all over again. Which means you can’t really do your job of Sapping the enemy Engineer’s stuff. Without a disguise, you’ll be toast for the Sentry. Ugh.

In summary, after just a few hours of testing, I got so sick of this knife that I used it to craft a Spycicle. This is where my negative comments can stop, because I love the Spycicle! It protects you from fire just long enough to turn invisible and escape that Pyro. It’s name in French is the “Spy-lactite,” which is awesome. Plus it turns your victims into Popsicles… and that’s extremely… cool.

I’ll just finish by asking you, please, to stop saying “The L’etranger.” It’s étranger with an accent and putting ‘The’ in front of the name is redundant. Okay, that’s enough from me. Got a Sentry to build!

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