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Gentlemen, it’s time for an update. You may recall the announcement approximately one month ago. It constituted a call to arms, as ’twere, for TF2 fans to design new merchandise.

Now there’s another announcement! The first batch of community-created merch items is now ready for sale on Below is a screenshot of the TF2-dedicated portion of this site. Valve has been selling stuff here already, as well as on the Valve Store. It’s the same website where the recently created ‘Mini-Mercs’ are showcased. For more info on those cute models, check out their Facebook page at

So far the community entries look pretty interesting. Most of them are T-shirts, including a cool Medic/Heavy Yin Yang pattern and the Bucket of Chicken. Valve also asked for poster submissions but none of these have migrated to the website yet.

TF2 at Welovefine
Screenshot by the author.

But what’s this? Furry and multi-legged, contributed by Threnodi, it’s a SPYCRAB PLUSHIE! I imagine not even Valve were expecting this, since they only asked for T-shirt and poster designs, but it’s unbelievably awesome. The plushies are more crab than Spy, but have poseable claws and come in RED and BLU varieties.

Spycrab plush info

What’s more, the Spycrab Plushie includes a promotional code to unlocks an in-game item (no points for guessing what it is). None of the new T-shirts come with such a code, because the Plushie is actually for pre-purchase and won’t be shipping out until late November at the earliest. By then we’ll probably have a lot more merchandise to choose from, because new entries are always being added to the Steam Workshop!

Now for the links so you can have a look yourself. What exciting stuff would you like to see next?

WeLoveFine TF2 section:

Merchandise on Steam Workshop:




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