PhlogistiCast updates: 2014 Saxxies and the fourth TF2 comic!

Brought to you by Dekky and field photographer Tavish DeGroot.


Some say that one day at Valve is six years for the rest of us. Some blame this temporal distortion for the delay of certain games and DLC. Some have feared the PhlogistiCast has also defected to Valve Time. I am here to put your fears to rest. It’s not true. What proof do you need, besides two videos in one weekend?!

That’s right, we’ve got two thrilling news videos up on our channel and waiting for your views! In the first I ask Nethero, esteemed SFM expert, about the 2014 Saxxy winners and his own experiences with the Saxxies. Nethero is responsible for Every TF2 Animation You’ve Ever Seen and some other cool videos which you can check out on his channel here.

In the second video, I’m joined by comic enthusiast Thunder to discuss sheeps and submarine cities. Oh, and the latest TF2 comic, Blood in the Water. With this 113-page marvel of shock and revelations, there’s a lot to talk about. I suggest you read the actual comic before watching our coverage, for hilarity awaits you here.

And both of these within one week of the release of our Demoman episode! I hope that’s enough to keep you SPUFers entertained and informed for a little while. In the meantime we have some exciting plans for the podcast.

A few people have asked me what the Phlog will be covering after we’ve finished looking at each of the nine classes. Well, we still have the Heavy and Spy to talk about. Oh, and Demoknight. (wink, wink)

After that it’ll be the MvM special, with a selection of robot-bashing maniacs discussing this incredible mode and demonstrating how to get the most out of the machines. There is still room for one of two more guests, so if this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, e-mail me! My address is dekarnuva(at) and you can get in touch if you have any general feedback, questions or would like to appear on the show.

What about after the MvM special? Well, I think it would be better if you waited to find out. Meanwhile, there’s this amazing game you should be playing. It’s called Team Fortress 2 and it was made just for you.

Heavy got Sandvich
“Is delicious!” Among other things, Nethero discussed clich├ęs in SFM movies. What are your favourites? (images made using GMod)


2014 Saxxy coverage with Nethero –

Blood in the Water discussion with Thunder –

Please note that we’ve gone back to basics with these videos, meaning they contain only still images and audio rather than video footage. This is because I wanted to get them uploaded as quickly as possible.



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