Updates, glorious updates!

Earlier this week another TF2 update was released. I’m gonna get right to the point, that is, what they did to the Carnival of Carnage map:


Thank bloody Christ.
Thank bloody Christ.


That’s a screenshot from the Steam news feed, by the way. If you’ve read through it, you should be able to see why I’m so excited. The only two things I found wrong with this event map – Engineers dominating everybody from behind a map, and being shot by a Sentry while fixed by Merasmus’ curse – HAVE BEEN FIXED!

I always loved this year’s Scream Fortress event, as you may have gathered from my other post about it. And my Steam name change (“BUMPAH CARZ!”). However I often found myself being gunned down by a Sentry I couldn’t see. Or, when Merasmus applied one of his curses and I was stuck taunting beside the Strongmann, being gunned down by a mini-sentry. Or both at the same time.

Once a mini-sentry pushed me off the centre platform while I was taunting. Pushed me off, I fell out of range, thought I was safe. But no, for that Gunslinging [insert insulting noun] had put a mini-sentry down there too! Least amusing death ever. The Engineer in question later became the first victim of my new Strange Grenade Launcher.

Anyway, no more of that to worry about. Of course, the Engineers will still look for spots where they can sneak off the map and continue causing grief. Let them look. I’ve got a simple message for those guys: I have a grenade with your name on it.

Another update concerns the TF2 workshop. They’re now accepting Tomb Raider-themed items, three of which will be chosen as actual promotional cosmetics. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is available for pre-order now so, if you’re inexplicably considering taking a break from TF2, that looks like a great new game. As far as I know, pre-ordering it is the only way to get those cosmetics.

For the full update post, have a look here.


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