CTF, a fun gamemode or the paradise of engineers, snipers and scouts

Okay, now I am gonna talk about CTF. CTF AKA Capture-the-flag is one of the most frequently criticized gamemodes in this game. But I try to argue that it actually is quite fun.

Some arguments I hear about CTF not being fun:

1. It is either an steamroll or a camp-fest:

This was gonna be a picture from like a security camera but SFM just didnt make it happen. 

Well that is a point I can’t really argue against, as it really depends whether the enemy team fortified their intel room with sentries or not. But for the steamroll argument I just have to say no. I do not understand why people say that steamroll-ability is bad. Yeah, I guess it is because rounds can end quickly. But let me ask you, is rounds that end quickly worse than an endless stalemate or one-hour-long matches of Mannpower. Because for me I would take steamrolling or being rolled over stalemates.

2. It is a Sniperfest

We all have seen this happen…

We have seen the situation above where you have like 8 snipers on a row just being on their battlements and of witch one is the actual competent one. Now, because of the hate of the Sniper in SPUF I am not gonna dive into that too much because I don’t like flamewars. But one thing I will say: this is good practice for sniping if nothing else.

3. My epic epilogue

Now, this article was little bit short as those two arguments are the ones that I hear the most. But I think that CTF is fine as a gamemode. It is extreme fun to just mess around in or if you just want to practice sniping. Anyway, this is the conclusion. Very anticlimactic I know, but sometimes we need shorter posts.

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