The Inconvenience of Handsome French Men

In the spirit of Valentine’s, I’m gonna do the opposite and talk about something I hate! Not really hate, I guess, but strongly dislike. Spies can be annoying, but they aren’t that difficult to deal with really. They’re more of an inconvenience to distract your team. “Spah creepin’ around here?” Well just go Pyro for a few minutes and go wild. If they’re using the Dead Ringer + Spycicle, try to just airblast them into a corner as soon as they use their Dead Ringer and pull our their Spycicle, and boom, Spy-Be-Gone!

Spy DR
“WARNING: Spy-Be-Gone! does not work against Dead Ringer”

Occasionally you’ll come across that one super-duper Battle Spy with the karate-chop action and the godlike Ambassador skills which nobody really seems to be doing anything about, and if this rare breed of Spy happens to be in your server, either abandon all hope, or tryhard so hard you’ll cause a freakin’ earthquake. And Spies are an understandable inconvenience, really. They can be effectively invincible with the Dead Ringer, camp forever and repeatedly backstab you by using the Cloak and Dagger, or just run the good ol’ Invis Watch and be a general hindrance to the enemy, as well as spectacularly transform into the Spyper by using the Ambassador, or walk around with crits stored in your revolver by using the Diamondback. All of which exist for the sole purpose of un-enhancing your TF2 experience.

As such, I have very low amounts of sympathy for Spies, mainly because of the damn 180 degree backstab radius. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the spleen also functions as the spine. Not to mention the possible damage output of every single revolver the Spy has is kinda ridiculous. But hey, what are you gonna do, you know? Spies are gonna exist, but as long as the 500 million bugs that Spy comes packaged with also exist, as well as any Pyros, all will be well and peaceful in the kingdom.


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