Why I love Sniper

Sniper is an awesome class to play. Even though he often gets derided on SPUF, he’s a really fun class to play.

1. He’s unique in terms of playstyle

I see why this can be controversial, but he’s different from the others, where he’s likely to be a loner rather than try to get in everyone’sĀ face. He knows the concept of personal space and prefers to work his magic from afar. He’s the only class to me where accuracy often depends on what rifle I’m using. His headshot mechanic used to be his bread and butter until the Spy stole it…

2. Cool personality

In a game where everyone else is either insane, Casanova, or cranky, Sniper’s the quiet type. It does come with its exceptions, but wouldn’t you want to show off a little after you’ve shot that pesky Scout (maybe with pink or lime-green cosmetics) so many times? Or shot that pocketed Heavy who’s been giving endless trouble to your team? Or perhaps gotten that Spy before he could stab your precious back, a moment certainly from life or death? When one does a job like sniping, it pays off.

This doesn’t omit the comic or Meet the Team scenes either. He gets the dramatic (and perhaps emotional) deaths in the Meet the Team series, and even after that. In the comics, he’s usually the one that has a decent amount of common sense (apart from the sober Demoman, bur that’s like finding a leprechaun in the hedge in your front yard) and still manages to strike with sorrow (except for the ones that hate Sniper).

And that brings me to my next point…

3. Handsome Face

The Scout looks scrubby, the Soldier looks dumb, we’ve never seen Pyro’s face, Demoman is a Scottish cyclops, Heavy looks like an egg, Engineer looks nuts, Medic looks old, and Spy seems too arrogant. But Sniper looks handsome, with those sunglasses and mean sideburns. Added with the hat, and you got a handsome man. Unless it’s GMod of course, but Sniper is somewhat less mauled than the others (Soldier, Heavy, and Engineer seem pretty popular).

4. MvM

Poor Sniper gets no love in Mann vs Machine. He’s often replaced in favor of Demoman’s stickybombs. However, he does considerable amounts of damage (12 headshots reduce a Giant Soldier to 200 HP), and his explosive headshots send smaller bots flying in all directions.

And this is I love Sniper. The points I stated probably can be heavily argued about, but I go by these.


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