Source 2 and stuff.

I know I’m late. I was asleep. Sorry.

According to everywhere but here, Valve have announced that Source 2 is an actual, real thing. Then again, we already knew that, I guess. All the fuss comes from the GDC, where Valve developers are doing some talks and stuff based on physics and things like that.

Not only that, but there’s also been other less TF2, more PC gaming in general news, with Unreal Engine 4 now being completely free until you start making actual real money, and even then they don’t ask of much. Then there’s Unity 5, which has also been announced and (of course) promises to be a billion times better than the previous version. Then there’s the NVIDIA Shield thing, which looks very interesting and hopefully won’t cost an arm and a leg. Not like that recently sold burning Team Captain.

Other Valve-related things include some sort of stream-from-everywhere device so you can stream stuff between computers and maybe TVs and stuff, and Lighthouse, which has to do with virtual reality and things like that.

There was a press release, but I can’t find a direct link. It’s good to know though that Valve haven’t updated the news page on their site since 2014. Here’s the next best thing to a proper link to their press release.

Honestly, it all kinda seems too good to be true. And most likely, us non-DOTA2 players will not feel the benefits of this nice, spangly new engine for quite a while.  Yes, not just TF2 fans, but L4D and CS fans too. Because we all know who Valve loves most.

Wow, I’m crap at writing actual news stuff.



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