Confusion’s 4vs4 reflection

I have quite enjoyed reading Medic’s detailed reports about our team’s exploits on the new frontier known as 4vs4, and now the season has conceded for us, I believe now would be an excellent time to write a post about some of it. What have we learned?

Silliness is a valid tactic

Act bold and audacious, but don’t depend completely on luck. We saw a lot of different weapons and tactics being used; Engies, Phlogs, Demoknights, simultaneous Sniper and Spies… Situational tactics are very useful… in the right hands. A lot of the better teams (on steel at least) have a weakness; they react very slowly to changes. Some might just stay committed to the standard Meta; Scout/Medic/Demo/Soldier setup with standard weapons, despite when certain classes or weapons are just unneeded, or when other classes or weapons would be much more effective. Exploit this. Keep changing classes and weapons to address current situations (What point are you on? How is your team? How are the enemy team?) because if the other team doesn’t, they’re dead. Change is the law of the life after all. Sometimes a Heavy on last is better than a Medic, especially when the other team doesn’t change tactics to combat this. Sometimes using a Spy and Sniper to attack at once can confuse the enemy and make them disorganized. Sometimes using the Phlog cleverly to harass the enemy is better than anything else (especially if you you get crits often and ambush them outside the spawn doors with a Medic on your backside).

If it works, it isn’t silly. Keep the enemy on there toes with unpredictability, sometimes all you need to throw a wrench in their plans is a literal wrench using Engie.


The Pyro/Medic/Demo is a tough nut to crack

A Pyro to reflect all rockets and stickies (instantly making two of the most powerful classes on the enemy team null and void), in addition to stalling ubers and protecting Demo from ambush Scouts. A Demo to deal high med range damage, take Kritzs and shut down entire sections of small maps. A Medic to heal the little damage that gets through, while building Kritz at the same time. The power of this combo can’t be understated, 3 good players working close together can completely negate each others weakness. The only downsides are they must be good, they must communicate, they must all be alive and no high mobility.

But once you get to the frontlines, or on a point, nothing but a decent enemy Sniper or a great uber will destroy them. The fact they likely also have a roaming Soldier to deal with these remaining problems makes it even worse. There is no real defense other than having your team do the same and just being better at it.

Fear ever going against such a team. Teamwork is OP.


Be prepared for rapid class hopping

See my first point! But this really deserves some extra talking about. A useful strat I learned occurred from this encounter; all our team is dead on our last and the entire enemy team is capping. I have a few seconds to respawn. I’m normally Soldier but I spawn as Demo because, like I said, everyone was dead so the 1 demo cap doesn’t matter. I just sticky spam them to hell and save us from the brink of defeat.

The lesson? While we only won that event due to the luck of no one being Demo at the time, in future, if you are in a situation where your entire team is dead and only one can respawn in time, quickly shift classes so he can get the best possible class to use at that moment!


W+M1 is now an official (steel) comp strat.
W+M1 is now an official (steel) comp strat.

Confusion is the best team captain

I think that’s enough musings for now.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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