Oh hey, Invasion is here.


Oh hey, Invasion is here. And it’s pretty much replaced the Halloween event, running until November 5th with the Invasion Pass. Basically this update is a gigantic community Gun Mettle Update, with the contributors doing all of the work and Valve still getting a good bit of the rewards. Same as before, do challenges in-game on official servers and get weapons, or get special rare crates that need keys to open. Of course this is all locked to people who buy the pass, which is $2-ish, depending on where you’re from. So no stuff for people who don’t want to buy anything.

There’s four new reskins – the laser bat, a Sniper Rifle, some sort of laser gun and a Wrangler replacer. Labeled as rare, with an even rarer chance to be strange. No laser pan, kids, sorry. Cosmetics have been piled on too, plenty of bits and pieces that finally got added

A new taunt has been added too, the Chest Burster. Which is pretty much what you think it is. Surprisingly, there’s a chance of it being strange, so, if it takes off, we’ll finally get our Strange High Five taunt or something.

A bunch of maps have been added as well: 2fort got a nice, alien theme done to it, which means there’s alien crap everywhere. The three other maps are all rather barn-like. Brye is the most interesting since it’s an Arena map. I hope Valve fixes Matchmaking so we can actually play that map, rather than it sitting unplayed forever. Probed looks amazing too, it’s about time that damn map got added.

But… You know what the best thing about this update is?

Throwables (Jarate, Mad Milk, Flying Guillotine) will now pass through friendly targets at close range. This is the same behavior as rockets and grenades.

Now THAT’S a good change.

So yeah, it’s basically a community, alien-themed Gun Mettle update. Enjoy it while you can.

Edit: It’s not so much a campaign, more just a kill counter for the event.


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2 thoughts on “Oh hey, Invasion is here.

  • October 7, 2015 at 7:32 am

    No offense, but you clearly didn’t do very much research for this article. There is no campaign, so it’s hardly the “gigantic community Gun Mettle Update” that you claim it is.

    • October 9, 2015 at 1:21 am

      Yeah, sorry, I wrote this at stupid’o’clock in the morning, was half asleep.


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