Where is the TFC Medic?.. and other TFC Merc thoughts

The Team Fortress Classic mercenaries have long been thought dead, despite the fact that Team Fortress Classic itself is still playable (as is Fortress Forever, but that’s a whole separate thing!) and all that, with a tight knit community that will kick newbies’ asses from here to kingdom come. Point is, they’ve been alive the entire time despite looking like they came from the future. And the TF Comic series, which introduced us to more of the TFC mercs last time and proved that TFC Pyro was female, has been doing a fine job of getting them more time in the lime light.

Right off the bat though, we notice that probably the most important and possibly the most iconic character is missing. There has been no trace of the TFC Medic what so ever. Originally, both me and aabicus, who is a big fan of the TFC Medic, had big plans for him. TFC Medic would switch sides and fight alongside the TF2 mercenaries, feeling incredibly pissed off that his team had abandoned him. It would all come to a giant cataclysmic fight between him and the insane German doctor we all love. Hopefully without any death involved. The change of heart would happen mid-fight and they’d team up to save everyone. Or we’d get a JLA/Avengers-like thing where TFC Medic is victorious and is holding TF2 Medic’s Medi Gun with 100% Ubercharge.

That’s probably not going to happen now. Since the last comic came out, that hope has quickly died. TF2 Medic has already changed his mind and has rejoined the side of the angels. It seems that this comic ain’t big enough for the both of them. But this may be a good thing. You see, the TFC mercs are falling rather quickly.

Ah, what about those other mercs? I was genuinely surprised to see how quickly they showed us the truth about the TFC Pyro. A woman. A really fucking evil woman, which is a breath of fresh air (particularly after being in that stuffy suit for so long). She’s called Beatrice, Bea for short. Well, was. As interesting as the TFC Pyro was and looked – a genuinely psychopathic woman with a missing eye and a dab hand with a drill, she’s, well, dead. Already. Which is a crying shame because she could have been a really interesting character if properly developed.

The same with the TFC Spy. While he’ll never be as classy as the TF2 Spy, I feel he could have had a lot of potential. He seems even more professional than his pin-stripe-suited variant, but with a far different style of spying, relying on tricking the enemy rather than waiting for them to make mistakes. If anything, he makes TF2 Spy seem rather sloppy – this is twice now that he’s had to be broken out from a prison.

The other characters haven’t made that much of an impact. We’ve barely seen them. But age is clearly taking its toll on all of them, considering how easily TFC Spy and Demoman (Gregg, if I recall) died.

That leaves us with TFC Heavy. Unlike the other mercenaries, Classic Heavy has proven himself to be the brains of it all. He cares about his team, he hates TF2 Medic yet didn’t speak up about it but he has also made massive mistakes. I mean, what man allows his doctor to spend all his money on things he doesn’t need? And what man doesn’t know of an Ubercharge? Not like the TF2 mercs were that unknown.

Most importantly of all though, TFC Heavy is a douche bag. A strong, smart, ruthless douche bag. But while he was kinda interesting, I fear that he’s going to get marginalized into some sort of stereotypical bad guy. He only seems to exist currently to replace Gray Mann as the big baddie. I hope this doesn’t happen.

I also hope they all don’t get killed off so quickly. The TFC team is already down 4 members, while the TF2 team is still going strong, even in spite of the looming pornography starring tentacles.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 45% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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