Here’s to 2016!

Well yesterday’s article went over what happened in 2015, and it wasn’t really that impressive. You can’t expect every year that a game is alive for to be as impressive as the last, and 2015 showed that Valve is kinda just throwing things at the wall and hoping they stick, as well as copying and pasting things from other games into TF2, rather than doing it the other way around.

2016 though, what’s in stock for it? What’s going to be different? While the majority of 2015 has been dull, the last few weeks of the year have proved interesting, what with what very well may be the best TF2 player on the planet, B4nny, finally getting his teeth into a very basic matchmaking system. It’s still very basic. And it’s not at all like the systems used by current, community-run TF2 leagues.

So yes, competitive matchmaking is the main lure for 2016. It has to be, what with things like Overwatch coming out and threatening TF2 with its competitive matchmaking included from the start. 2015 was a year of getting as much money out of us as possible, while trying some stupid, insane stuff that no one really asked for, so 2016 will (hopefully) be getting back on track and reclaiming (or at least clinging on to) the throne of the top class-based first-person-shooter out there. Or not. Matchmaking, while promising to be the thing that saves TF2 and actually brings the desire to win back into the game, could very easily flounder and fail, especially with the haphazard and incredibly slow balancing that we currently have.

What else is in store though? Well, we have a comic to finish. Still. 2015 brought us one single lone issue of the TF comic series, and apparently we have two more issues. If they don’t both come out in 2016… I’d say there will be hell to pay, but honestly we’re all already kinda disappointed by 2015 that no one really cares any more.

There’s not much else to think about. Leaks and hints and ARGs have been thin on the ice. There’s no hidden content pointing to Expiration Date or Invasion currently. There’s no upcoming movies or lore or anything. All there really is are a bunch of future campaigns with contracts attached to them, selling for $6 a piece.

But let’s not end this on a sour note. The fact that we have very little information on anything apart from Gun Mettle is a good thing. 2016 is a complete mystery to us. Who knows what amazing surprises await just around the corner!

When I say corner, I mean round about April-May time, since there’s rarely an update in the new year. But still! Mystery! We don’t know!

Happy 2016 everyone. Hopefully it’ll be better than the shitfest that was 2015.

Happy new year!
Happy new year!

Yes, I used this picture last year too. Bite me. In a happy-new-year sort of way.


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