People believe anything these days.

So the UK has voted to leave the European Union.

Honestly, I kinda expected it. I hoped that the UK would vote to remain. Scotland voted to remain. So did Northern Ireland. But they have no choice in the matter, England has voted to leave. I thought they would, because people will believe anything. It was a vote of 52% to leave, 48% to remain. So a tiny bit over half the country wants to leave, but there are a LOT of people who don’t.

“We won it without a bullet being fired!” claimed Nigel Farage, despite the dead MP Joe Cox being shot and killed by a far right lunatic.

Of course this is all current Prime Minster David Cameron’s fault. That’s why he’s giving up his leadership and wants a new leader by October. He offered a referendum to the far right in order to get into power and his gamble failed.

But it’s not all his fault. That’s unfair. The fault lies at, well, the lies that Brexit campaigners have spewed. Yes, the Remain side lied a bit as well, but the Remain side was backed by experts, while Brexit spent time screaming “YOU’RE ALL BIASED AND WRONG EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE EXPERTS WE SHOULD IGNORE YOU.” This was a campaign based not on facts, but screaming and shouting. It’s a campaign based on emotions and feelings, and although a little bit of emotion is required in these things, we’re in a scenario where the majority of the planet is saying “Hey, that’s a bad idea!” and 52% of the UK is saying “lol we dont care we want independence lol!”

Except you already ARE independent.

The EU has its upsides and downsides, but some of the reasons why people want to leave and hate the EU are simply insane. One person I asked personally said that they were going to vote for Remain, but changed their mind because “they didn’t like the idea of David Cameron being happy.” Are you fucking serious? You are putting your entire country at risk because you don’t like the person you voted into power? Other reasons include “austerity measures” which in he UK were all made by the UK government, the idea that the EU is not democratic (its leaders are chosen by the democratically elected governments of each EU member) and the thought that Turkey might join the European Union even though the UK can veto it whenever they want, and Cyprus, you know, the country where I live, are 100% guaranteed vetoing it.

The greatest hypocrisy comes from the British ex-patriots who voted to leave the EU, while living in European countries. And benefiting from all those nice European rights, like universal healthcare, pensions across countries and the ability to freely cross borders between their UK homes and their holiday homes in Spain.

10:36 – Captain Blades #hypedead: this is where nazi germany came from dontchaknow

What makes this all worse is that, with David Cameron resigning, you’re leaving the country in the hands of the far right, who don’t care about the rights of workers, about fair pay, about anything apart from their own bank accounts.

Hopefully, Scotland and Northern Ireland might be able to save themselves. Maybe.

All this chaos, just to get the same deals you already have. Except worse, probably, because no one will have any faith in the UK any more. Not only that, you’ve ruined it for everyone else, in that 52% selfish, expert-ignoring independence. It’s bad enough you want to drag the UK into a gigantic mess, why do you want to ruin it for the rest of the EU?

I no longer consider myself British in any way.


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