‘Corrupted’ Minecraft World


Ages ago, I created a world and put too much TNT in it, which caused Minecraft to crash. I deleted it and made a new world, but parts of the TNT world ended up appearing in this newly generated flatland, causing more crashes. I didn’t delete this world, but I forgot about it. Now I have a better computer, I decided to visit this world and see what was going on. This is what happened.

For your sake, I’ve removed the hour long. one frame a second slide show, caused by such a vast amount of TNT.


Seriously, this world is pretty messed up. The majority of it is a slideshow while things explode. We’re talking a ton of TNT here. Also, word of warning, this world would repeatedly crash in the corrupted areas on my old computers, so it’s really not for the weak of heart. Of course, a beefy computer would be fine, but a beefy computer is always fine.

Turns out there was a dungeon under where the TNT was. What surprised me most was the fact that the explosion didn’t make it down to bedrock (which is 64 blocks down from sea level) but it did cover a large area. And the explosion started off in the middle of a mountain, many blocks above sea level.

If you want to play this world, you can download it here, via the Daily SPUF’s Google Drive.


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