I’m not going anywhere

Hey look, something more akin to an actual blog post. Really, the Daily SPUF is more of an opinion factory than an actual blog. We don’t talk about real life stuff. We produce articles and things like that. I feel I should explain what’s going on lately because I’m clearly not myself, I barely post on SPUF, I barely answer messages, I’ve only recently taken over the Daily SPUF again, as aabicus ran the site throughout August. Well, at least until he went on holiday. Then the site crashed and I spent WAY too much time bringing you the new Daily SPUF here at spuf.org.

But I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop, staring blankly at it for about twenty minutes now and I’ve done nothing productive at all. My productivity levels have dropped through the floor as of late, and I’ve become a grumpy bitch.

Most of my time is spent these days building things, fixing things and wondering what is going to break next. Lately I have had so much stuff break or do wrong lately and, honestly, it’s driving me mad. Even simple things like paying for my next university course have been so annoying – apparently they don’t accept the same debit card I used two years ago. Then there’s been laptop problems and stuff. I have some money but I’m not in the mood to blow a chunk of my savings on a new laptop when I can work on this one fine.

I miss the bandwagon on fun stuff too. I missed the Overwatch bandwagon. The headaches are probably deal-able but I never took the time to actually try and figure out, and now everyone’s going on about Pokemon Go and here I am sitting at this desk never having even played a Pokemon game. Everything that is popular and new and beneficial, or innovative and could help me, it keeps on slipping past me.

There’s only a few things keeping me going right now. The first is the Daily SPUF. I said I wanted to reach 2000 posts. We’re miles off and it will probably take two or three years to get there. That’s fine. I can wait. Writing makes me feel a bit better because I can project my emotions onto other things. It’s getting harder to write articles though because I’m not playing games as much. The other thing, also related, is the Phoviverse and my 500 words a day promise. It’s a New Year’s Resolution I made and it’s the only one I’ve stuck with. The last thing is Cyprus Comic Con, which I am looking forward to, but goodness knows how I’m going to feel when that’s over.

Oh well. I have the Daily SPUF. This has always kept me going. No matter what, I’m going to stick to this damn blog. I don’t even care if none of you read this, I run the Daily SPUF becaise I want to.

I’m not going anywhere though. I promised I wouldn’t go anywhere. I’ll always be around for you all to talk to, I’ll always read whatever it is you send to me, even if I don’t reply.

I’ll always be here.

I swear.

Well, except for tomorrow. I’m going to Cyprus Comic Con! And because I love you, I’ll have a dedicated blog post detailing everything I do.


How the hell have I managed to write over 900 articles here?

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