Scream Fortress VIII is here!

Yep, number 8. Scream Fortress fucking 8. It’s here. What’s in it? Maps, cosmetics, unusual effects, the usual stuff. All community stuff mostly. Also, Maple Ridge Event. I haven’t played that map since my 4v4 days. Holy fuck.

Really, all this year is is an extension of the Merasmissions from last year. There’s new missions for the new maps, and a new key and crate, and cosmetics. I’ll be updating this a bit at a time.

Anyway, I’m just posting the information here for here’s sake. I made a SPUF thread as well but you don’t care.

Oddly, there’s no actual update page. Just a blog post. Kinda sad, really. Oh, and at the time of writing, the matchmaking and item servers are kinda borked.

Cosmetics are here. OMG they added hairy chest Medic.

The two taunts are okay. Victory Lap is literally just putting you in a go kart, like the broom taunt from last year. The other taunt is a magic staff sort of thing. Kinda weird.

The new maps all have filters and map stamps. Here’s some pictures from Pit of Death (1-3) and Maple Ridge (4)

Blog post

Link to TF2 updates page

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
Scream Fortress VIII has arrived!

Featuring 3 new community maps: Brimstone, Pit of Death, and Maple Ridge Event

Added the Creepy Crawly Case
Contains 22 new community-created items that make-up the Creepy Crawly Collection
-Has a chance to give one of 3 community-created Halloween-restricted items as a bonus item
-Has a chance to give a taunt Unusualifier as a bonus item
Added a taunt Unusualifier
-A new tool that will Unusualify the specified taunt with the Unusual effect listed in the tool’s description
-Can be found as a random bonus item when opening a Creepy Crawly Case
-Added two new taunts to the Mann Co. Store
-Taunt: The Victory Lap
-Taunt: Second Rate Sorcery (community-created)
Added 8 new community-created Unusual effects
– 4 new effects for Unusual hats
-4 new effects for Unusual taunts

Continue last year’s event by collecting the souls of dead players for your Soul Gargoyle by killing enemies, doing map objectives, or collecting the Soul Gargoyles that spawn in the maps

Join Halloween matches by selecting the “Halloween” category in Casual
Scream Fortress VIII runs through November 9th, 2016

During Scream Fortress VIII

All players who launch the game will receive a Soul Gargoyle if they don’t already have one from last year’s event
-Grants access to Merasmissions and Halloween item transmutations
-Tracks Merasmissions completed and souls collected
-Added 3 new Merasmissions for the featured maps
-Completing a Merasmission will give players a classic Halloween item and the chance for a Creepy Crawly Case
The chance to receive an Unusual item from a case opening has been increased during the event
-All cases and Mann Co. Supply Crates will grant Halloween 2016 Unusual effects instead of their normal Unusual effects


The Competitive maps list has been updated
-Added pl_badwater and ctf_turbine
-Disabled cp_granary and cp_badlands
-Maps will continue to enter and exit this list over time
Added “Load Saved Settings” and “Save Current Settings” buttons to the Casual mode Map Selection menu
-Search criteria is now manually saved to give players more control over the default settings when the game is launched
XP earned in Casual matches has been adjusted to reward players more for their personal contribution to the match
XP per point has returned to 6.5 XP per point
XP earned for match completion and objective completion now scales based on your score relative to total amount of points scored by everyone in the match
Increased the matchmaker’s priority of matches with imbalanced teams
-This should reduce the occurrence of extended imbalanced matches when multiple players leave


Added the AsiaFortress Cup Season 10 tournament medals
Added LBTF2 6v6 Season 13 tournament medals
Improved several aspects of texture handling for OS X and Linux clients
-This should reduce the rate of “Out of memory” errors for players on high texture settings, especially on level change
-Players still encountering this error can reduce texture quality to medium or lower to greatly improve stability pending further improvements
Fixed a missing material issue on cp_sunshine
Fixed players not taking damage when exploding as a bombhead without stunning Merasmus
Fixed Mann vs. Machine zombies not using the correct skin in Ghost Town outside of the Halloween event
Fixed a bug with the vote-kick timer in Mann vs. Machine mode
Fixed taunts not restoring the proper weapon when the taunts are finished
Fixed the Pomson 6000 playing the shotgun reload sound
Updated the sounds made when the Scout shoves someone while using the Shortstop
Updated some Merasmus audio files that weren’t playing properly
Updated the localization files

Potential bugs?
Unable to access shop currently.



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