Spectre’s Spectacles


The Spectre’s Spectacles was added during the Manniversary Update and Sale. To be honest, I doubt people actually noticed this misc since it’s released alongside some really fun cosmetics like the Ball-Kicking Boots and the Flair!, which is one of the most enthusiastic cosmetic names I’ve seen so far because of the exclamation mark at the end. In fact, I doubt people will notice this cosmetic anyway because it’s just so damn small. I bought this myself pretty much just to complete a loadout. It’s not something most people will actively look for to wear.

Man, this thing is really tiny.

I can completely describe this cosmetic in one sentence: “They are a paintable pair of small rimmed pince-nez that Spy wears on his face.” That is it. It’s small, it’s plain, it’s only slightly more noticeable than the Sneaky Spats of Sneaking because it’s on the Spy’s face. It’s so simple and tiny Valve could probably replace it with a 2D sprite and no one will notice. Hell, Valve could’ve removed its model or made it invisible and no one would’ve noticed for months.

Ok Spy, we’ll leave now. Relax.

I know I said I bought it just to complete a loadout, but I did grow to like this cosmetic afterwards. It’s small, yes, but it brings out the more elegant and posh side of Spy, making him look like an aristocrat or a wealthy landlord. For a cosmetic this simple it does a lot to bring out the classy aspect of the Spy, which I would say is pretty great. I am never a big fan of the goofy cosmetic loadouts that a lot of people like, so I might make more cosmetic loadouts utilizing the Spectre’s Spectacles if I ever decided to play Spy seriously. And when my team doesn’t already have 5 baguettes running amok getting roasted by the enemy team’s Pyros into French toast.

It’s quite easy to find cosmetics to go with it, since Spy has tons of fancy hats and suits. Top hats, bowler hats, the Magistrate’s Mullet, or the Napoleon Complex, it works for both posh and historical cosmetic loadouts. Shirts-wise, the Tuxxy and the Dead of Night are obvious picks, but there’s also the Lady Killer. Wear the Spectacles and the Killer with the Ebenezer for a full Victorian look.

Oh yeah, I mentioned I bought this to complete a loadout, no? Here it is:

Rear Admiral Spy, circa 2017

Valve really needs to add some ocean-themed maps. There’s maps like ctf_convoy where the two teams fight on two carriers, so why not a map that’s just a giant oil tanker? We can send the mercs to the desert, we can send them to snowy warzones, we can even send them to Hell every Halloween, so why not the sea? That and the paddy fields in Asia are unexplored realms in the TF2 world, and they all feature water which is a environmental element rarely utilized in TF2.

To be honest, I just want to wear this, stand at the prow of a ship, and yell commands at my teammates like “MAN THE CANNONS”, “INTRUDERS ON THE STARBOARD SIDE” and “BRING ME MY SANDVICH”.

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