The Razorback Armada Returns

So a while back, when Nidus came out, invasions between the Grineer and Corpus were given a little more meaning. For every invasion that was won by one side, they would spend 12 hours occupying the location they’d won and they’d build progress to one of two gigantic enemies. The Grineer are working on a Formorian Fleet and the Corpus are working on a Razorback Armada. Well, the Corpus got there first, probably because they offered us better loot to fight for them, and now we’ve got to fight this… thing as a weekend event.

But before we do so, we’re told that the Corpus have put extra security on the ships containing their Razorbacks, and we need special magic Razorback Ciphers in order to get them. To build these ciphers, you need some sort of weird crafting component that drops from Archwing missions on Jupiter and Neptune.

Not too hard. Everyone is just going to Neptune because the mobile defense mission, Salacia, is way better than the sabotage mission on Jupiter. No one likes the Corpus ‘trench run’ tileset, but Salacia at least offers a ton of experience/affinity for leveling up those Archwings we’d all forgotten about.

That's a LOT of Polymer Bundles...
That’s a LOT of Polymer Bundles…

Once you’ve got your Cryptographic ALUs (that’s what they’re called), you can craft a Razorback Cipher using 3500 POLYMER BUNDLES. That’s a lot of bundles.

Anyway, you need to craft some of these ciphers, at least 3 in order to get the 200,000 credits and Orokin Reactor reward, and equip them in your gear slot. Make sure you bring a ton of normal ciphers as well, since you’re going to be doing a lot of hacking. A lot. I recommend bringing someone who has an ability that allows them to hack in peace, like Loki, Valkyr, Rhino or Nezha.

Look, a giant robot.
Look, a giant robot.

Okay, so you’re all set up. The Razorback Armada is currently besieging what few relays we have left, so we board their ships and head straight to where the Corpus are keeping them. Small problem, the ships are FILLED with Bursas, Moas, Eximus units and more. There are even Hyenas, enemies normally restricted to the assassination mission on Neptune, running around. The ship constantly goes on Lockdown, so you need to move fast and use ciphers if you don’t want to spend ten minutes unlocking doors.

Finally, you make it and someone has to use their Razorback Cipher to unlock the room where the Razorback is being kept.

This hack is unsolvable. It doesn't appear so in this picture, but all the tiles spin constantly and you can't change them. Bastards.
This hack is unsolvable. It doesn’t appear so in this picture, but all the tiles spin constantly and you can’t change them. Bastards.

The Razorback is essentially a gigantic version of the Jackal. One that definitely didn’t skip leg day. And just like the Jackal, its legs are the weak spots. Except they’re not.

You see, the Razorback is a different sort of fight. You don’t really fight the Razorback. Above the Razorback’s arena room are a bunch of Bursas behind laser fences. Hack the fences to make the Bursas jump down, and then defeat and hack the Bursas for them to cripple the Razorback so you can damage his head and kill him. It’s a tedious fight where you do more dodging of the big guy and really, you just kinda ignore him. Still, I guess it makes a change. Except it’s tedious as heck constantly hacking things all the damn time.

Seriously, use Ciphers. They’re good.

Waiting to kill this bastard.
Waiting to kill this bastard.

Why are we doing this? Well, apart from the aforementioned 200k credits and Orokin Catalyst, the Razorback drops good mods. It drops 120% Puncture Damage mods, 60% Corrosive and Status and parts for the Gorgon Wraith. But knowing my luck, I never got any of them, just like what happened the last time the Acolytes showed up. All I’ve got so far are the Corrosive/Status mods, most of which I already had.

The worst thing about this? Apart from the polymer bundles? An event that was supposed to last 4 days ended in two. The Warframe community destroyed the Armada in two and a half days. The event was supposed to end later today.

Never mind.


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