Bloody Hell, that Sonicor…

You remember when I talked about my most used weapon, the Ignis, then teased about another weapon that might end up replacing it? You know, the picture at the end of the article, with my invisible Loki holding that very weapon? Well this article isn’t about that weapon. This article is about the Sonicor. The Sonicor is amazing. Beyond amazing.

I use it on everyone. Even the pixie Warframe Titania.
I use it on everyone. Even the pixie Warframe Titania.

Okay, what the fuck IS the Sonicor? I’m not really sure, to be honest. It’s an arm-mounted weapon sort of thing. Definitely Corpus in origin, but I have never really seen any Corpus actually USING the Sonicor*. It attaches to one’s arm and is stored on the hip when not in use. It’s a secondary weapon, like most arm-mounted weapons. The Sonicor has a slow reload speed, a somewhat slow firing rate, has a status chance of zero and only does impact damage. It is a projectile weapon and its range is limited to 15 meters. On paper, the Sonicor actually sounds kinda mediocre. It’s a weird, weird weapon.

*Actually, it turns out there’s one Corpus bloke who uses the Sonicor, a nobody from the Index. Most people hate the Index and only use it to grind for credits. I would, but I can’t solo the Index the way I can solo places like Akkad, and the Frost and Mag specters are retarded.

The Sonicor's basic stats with no mods. Ignore the V polarity, that's from the Forma I added.
The Sonicor’s basic stats with no mods. It comes wit one D polarity. Ignore the V polarity, that’s from the Forma I added.

But the Sonicor is also a super, super good weapon.

First off, the damage of 50 there is wrong. That’s the damage from the AOE explosion that the Sonicor causes when it doesn’t hit an enemy. The area of that explosion is 5m. The direct impact from the projectile does up to 150 damage on a direct impact to the first closest enemy, although this is with damage fall off. This is before adding mods. Mods… they’re a mess and I’m honestly not sure what to put on after my default damage mod and my Impact damage mod.

Remember that impact damage and lack of status chance? Well, turns out, the Sonicor is capable of ragdolling the majority of enemies. Impact damage does that. You know what else does that? The elemental damage type Blast. Throw the two together, and you get enemies flying around like no one’s business. Which is exactly what the Sonicor does, as the initial ‘bullet’ is Impact but the explosion afterwards is 100% pure Blast.

It's quite hard to capture how awesome the Sonicor is in screenshots

Yes, you heard me. The Sonicor will either knock enemies down and make them fall to the ground, or launch them into the air at high speeds. And it will do this on a regular basis. I kid you not, I did not believe this until I saw it myself. I spent an hour sending everything from Infested Crawlers to Corpus MOAs to fricking Grineer Bombards and Heavy Gunners flying into the air, then laughing as they hit the ground and bounce. With mods, this can do a huge amount of damage – my current Sonicor does 800 damage per explosion, and it’s not even fully maxed out yet.

But you know what makes the Sonicor even better? It can be used as a stealth weapon.

I know, a weapon that fires explosions that launch enemies, being used as a stealth weapon? Insane. But it turns out, the only part of the Sonicor that makes noise is when its projectile hits someone. Which I kinda wish I knew before wasting five of my limited capacity putting a Hush mod on it. But then again, amidst all that chaos, you’re better off going guns blazing anyway.

Seriously though, the Sonicor is amazing. And unlike other secondaries, like the Akstilleto Prime or the Aklex Prime, the Sonicor is genuinely easy to get and will carry your ass through the entire solar system. And past it, if you’re willing to put plenty of Forma on your Sonicor. I’ve got 3 4 on mine and want to add even more!


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