The Mann vs. Machine Update of 2012 brought us a lot of new content. A whole new gamemode, a new series of reskins, a new comic, a new video, and of course, new hats. And among all the hats, the one that I like the most is the Tin-1000.

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Aside from the Soldier’s Stogie, Archimedes, Robro 3000, and the Operation Steel Trap Badge, the cosmetics are roboticized hats, one for each class. They’re based off some parts of the mercs’ robot counterparts, or in two cases, robot version of the Officer’s Ushanka and the Fancy Fedora. I can’t find anything to back this up, but I am pretty sure that this is what first sparked off the Robotic Boogaloo update.

The Robotic Boogaloo, being the first ever community update, is an experiment in letting the community take charge in an update. And to be honest, looking back it is a fairly successful update. It sets out to do what it wants to do and achieved them all. Comics, videos, and cosmetics. Granted, I am not saying that all of the cosmetics are great (just my personal opinion please don’t hurt me), but it is a solid update overall. Sure, the update added nothing that affects gameplay, but I personally do not trust the community with any sort of balance changes. Nor do I think any sort of coherent decision will come out of the community as a whole.

Aside from that, the robot hats are actually rather unique takes on a lot of the old classics. Granted, the tech theme really only suits Engineer, but the Bunsen Brave is a fantastic addition to the Heavy, and the Filamental became far more popular than the cosmetic it was based on. I would say that, while there are hits and misses, the Robotic Boogaloo update is a pretty good success. It is probably what ramped up the number of community-contributed items accepted into the game, and most likely what allows the TF2 workshop to grow to be the place rich with all types of community content it is today.

Dance of celebration!

Now, let’s look at the Tin-1000 again. It’s a robot version of Engie’s helmet and goggles, which is rather similar to the one on the Engineer Robot and on the Mk. II Botkillers added a few months later. What I like about this hat is the glowing eyes that adds a degree of menace to the Engineer’s appearance. And of course, this hat goes well with the Gunslinger since both items involve some sort of cybernetic enhancement.

As to what to wear with it, the Pip-Boy is a pretty solid choice, as is the RoBro 3000. Aside from that, the Life Support System and the Rocket Operator from the Invasion Update are decent choices as well. If you want to expand upon the human modification theme, you’re in luck. Scream Fortress 2015 brought us the Iron Lung and the Roboot, two more robotic addons to be bolted onto the Engineer’s body. In general, whatever that is technology-themed should work with the Tin-1000, which isn’t hard for the Engineer, so go nuts.

The end. Man this article is a lot shorter than what I normally wrote.

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