Cyprus Comic Con 2017 – Thoughts

So, Cyprus Comic Con day one has passed and now we’re on day two. I’m writing this at 9am after a nice little breakfast at a hotel fifteen minutes away. Brother slept like a log, but me and sister couldn’t really sleep. Dunno why.

Breakfast at the hotel was basic. Ham, cheese, eggs, bread, cereal. Mini buffet thing. The hotel is super quiet. It actually mostly has older people in it. I assume most non-locals booked places closer or just went home. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that sister REALLY wanted to go to the after party, we would have driven home and come back on day two.

Speaking of driving, Nicosia is a fucking maze. Paphos has a handful of main roads and plenty of signs pointing to the motorway, harbour and airport so you can reorient yourself. Limassol basically has a highway running through the middle which everything splits off of. Nicosia has weird one-way roads all over the place. And we’re stupidly close to the border and green zone. Like, one or two blocks away.

Day two is mostly the same as day one, except for more amateur cosplayers, including myself. Same special guests, same stalls, same games and stuff. Although the gaming tournaments are probably different. No idea who won the League of Legends one we were watching yesterday. There will be a few more presentations and things as well.

Day two has a lot more costumes. Including some amazingly good ones. Still nowhere nearly as many as last year though.

Thank fuck the costume judging is way more organized. Less people and professional judges. And a proper stage. I didn’t realise that judging was being done live, but Volt doesn’t speak anyway. Waved my sword around and looked quiet but menacing. And I bowed at the end. Bro went in character and they asked him about his cool gun which I painted. Sister did Mercy’s dance and resurrected the announcer, while doing some lifeguard stuff.

Costume wise, the winner for most common costume was amazingly Rick from Rick and Morty, with a total of seven spotted. We saw two D.Vas and three Reapers, there was a school boy Genji too. Day one lacked a lot of costumes, because day one was the competitive Eurocosplay event, the competition for basic people is on day two. Of course there were no other Warframe characters. Don’t be silly.

That being said, people did recognise me. Mostly young men. Some would just stare at me. Probably because of my weird helmet. Problem with my costume is that the proportions are completely off and I have completely the wrong bodyshape to look genuinely good. Still, only two people got me confused with Destiny characters, so that is a win in my book. Lots of kids though wanted pictures with the masked person with the giant sword. Trying to explain what an electric space ninja from a bloody video game to middle aged Greek women with their kids is awkward.

I get the feeling a lot of people wouldn’t allow pics with random kids and parents, but I did.

Sadly, I had to ditch the Sonicor. It was too in the way. But the Galatine is way cooler anyway. It even lights up!

Thing is, everyone almost always recognised sister first. The wings are stupidly obvious, and even if she had done a red and white life guard version instead of a normal Mercy costume, it was obvious enough. Lots of people spotted brother as Handsome Jack. Amazingly the bits of foam on his face remained mostly intact. Yes, we painted bits of foam silver and stuck them on his face with eyelash glue. The spirit gum we bought was off.

Doesn’t matter. We’re having fun. And somehow a full body suit is less hot than the Pyro costume I wore last year.

Probably the coolest thing was seeing Winter’s Verge. They really put on a show. And then bro and sis casually had a chat with the lead singer afterwards once everyone had cleared out, as is the Cypriot way.

Next year though, I am going to do a simpler costume. Maybe I should finally go as my namesake, Medic…


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 45% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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