Random Tips for the Plains of Eidolon

You may think I’m beating a dead horse or otherwise going on and on about this big new update, especially when I should be talking about the Team Fortress 2 update that’s FINALLY happening. But here I am, giving people a hand with a Warframe update that sends you in blind.

But before we start with specifics, there’s a Halloween colour palette available in the Warframe market for 1 credit, until November 1st. Not platinum. Credit. Just search Halloween on the market and purchase the palette and it’ll be yours forever. I bought it last year and the Halloween palette contains the bright yellow I use on my Volt. There is also a pumpkin head mask available for 1 credit (obtainable via the Arsenal, clicking on your Warframe Appearance, going to Attachments and clicking Auxiliary) but that will disappear once Halloween is over.

Get your Halloween colour palette now!
Get your Halloween colour palette now!

Alright, now for those Plains of Eidolon tips I promised you.

Get an Itzal

Skywing – the PoE equivalent of Archwing – is incredibly fragile. One hit and that’s it, you’re back on the ground. Itzal kinda gets around this by being too fast and invisible. Amesha annoyingly doesn’t, even though its first ability makes you immortal. Alternatively, get Titania. She can’t be knocked out of her Razorwing mode the same way Skywing can. Well, not as easily, anyway.

Focus on Zenurik

With Naramon no longer having Shadow Step and many of the other schools not being that useful either, Zenurik is the way to go. Even the main passive gives you extra energy, but you want to focus on Energizing Dash, which creates a circle on the ground while using Space Kid that grants you energy – up to 5 energy per second.

Bring a Loot Radar and/or Enemy Sense Mod

Either put Thief’s Wit on your Warframe, use the Loot Radar aura or, preferably, use Animal Instinct on your companion or sentinel. Not only will this show you loot and enemies on your mini-map, but caches in the Grineer Cache mission will also appear, making the mission a lot easier.

Ivara is Bae

Ivara’s Prowl ability makes you invisible as long as you don’t sprint or jump. With maximum duration, you can fish in peace, using her wire arrows to create a wire over a fishing spot. You can also use Prowl to pickpocket enemies. This works on the Sentient Vomvalysts as well, meaning you don’t need to kill them for sentient cores.

Ivara is also good for the Drone Recovery mission, reducing damage by making the drone invisible, and her passive enemy radar is very good for finding those last few enemies. The only thing Ivara might struggle with is a defense mission, but the Liberate A Camp mission can be slowed down by putting enemies to sleep, and an explosive weapon, an Ignis or a Zenistar will help with defending armoured trucks.

Wait for the Assassination Target walk around a bit

On Assassination missions, you can bug out the mission by killing the boss too fast. Simply let them walk around a bit before killing them to ensure you get your reward.

The same actually applies for a lot of these missions. I think maybe low end computers can’t keep up and the game flips out. So give it a minute before you insert the data mass into the vault or before you hack that drone.

Look For the Orokin Tower if You’re Lost

The Orokin Tower at Cetus can be seen across the map. If you’re lost, look for it then walk in that direction. Eventually you’ll either hit a large, blue, translucent wall or you’ll find the gates. And if you hit the wall, then walk away from the ocean and towards the Orokin Tower and you’re guaranteed to find the gates back to Cetus eventually.

Helped my clan mate get back to Cetus, at least.
Helped my clan mate get back to Cetus, at least.

Don’t Attack the Eidolon if You Don’t Want to Fight It

Funnily enough, the Eidolon Teralyst will leave you alone as long as you don’t attack it. You can actually follow it around the Plains. Heck, you can stand right next to it if you want. The Vomvalysts will still attack you, but as long as nothing aggros the massive Sentient, you should be fine. Unfortunately, Grineer may unintentionally make it angry and cause it to start killing things.

Space Kids are Immortal While Invisible

Yeah. Being invisible will protect you from most things, mainly Eidolon attacks. And while you’re in Operator Mode, your Warframe is invulnerable too. But be careful because your companion or Sentinel are still vulnerable and can easily die if you leave your Warframe in a bad spot.

Check the Traders in Cetus Daily

The vendors don’t actually have that much to sell, particularly the pet and mask vendors. Their stock refreshes every day and the recipes for what they sell change. So check the vendors and maybe you’ll get a lower price on their wares. That’s what I did when I was trying to get the Volt mask for my Space Kid.

Sell Extra Gems and Fish for Standing

Any gems you mine on the plains (by mining blue spots on rocks with your laser mining tool) can be sold to the gem trader in Cetus. Since all recipes to refine said gems require 10 gems each, you can sell off extra gems. If you’re going to sell off fish, I recommend selling the Mortus Lungfish off. They’re a rarer fish, often only found at night, but they spawn exclusively at the pond by the geyser. A large Mortus Lungfish is worth 200 standing and what you get from cutting them isn’t as useful as other ingredients.

Throw Bait into the Ripples in the Water

According to Reddit, this spawns more fish. Or at least it’s supposed to.

Electrocuting fish is a perfectly legitimate way to fish.
Electrocuting fish is a perfectly legitimate way to fish.

Volt is the Best Fisher

Currently, you need to buy the better spears in order to get more fish. Volt bypasses this because of his passive. Volt’s passive adds extra electricity damage on your next attack after you’ve moved around a bit – up to a maximum of 1000. But even an extra 20 electricity damage is enough to skewer any fish around. This means you don’t need the maximum tier fishing spear, you can just use Volt and move around between each catch. I hope this doesn’t get nerfed because I like Volt being viable.

Don’t use the Sonicor

My beloved Blast Sonicor is REALLY good on the plains. But it has a nasty habit of ruining missions because it knocks enemies out of bounds. That tends to glitch a mission out, denying you your reward.

That’s it for now. I’ll probably think of more but that doesn’t matter.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 45% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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