More Small Additions Warframe Could Benefit From

As much as I love Warframe, there’s always little tiny things that bug me. But most of the time, these things just aren’t enough to warrant a complete article. So once again, I’m clumping several smaller ideas and thoughts into one single article.

This article was brought to you by the Lenz, the world’s best rocket launcher disguised as a crossbow.

EXPLOSIONS. Alternatively, how not to use the Lenz.

Self damage marks the start of this article. Because self damage is insane in Warframe. Most explosive weapons WILL kill you in a single shot. The Lenz isn’t actually too bad, since you have a second to run away, but many explosive weapons aren’t obviously explosive and deadly. The Talons are exploding Kunai and aren’t too bad, but something like the Angstrum is actually rather faint and hard to see. The worst offender is the Ogris, which isn’t that strong when used against enemies but will reliably kill a Warframe. Can be quite annoying, having to revive everyone constantly during a relic farming mission.

That reminds me, my biggest pet peeve lately is the inability to easily farm Axi relics. Sure, you can do a Hieracon run every single day, but that means doing 6 excavators for a chance at a single Axi relic. I don’t mind fighting tougher enemies and doing harder missions, but I’m kinda tired of having a billion Neo relics and having to do multiple extra waves just for the chance of one Axi relic. Would be nice to do an Exterminate or Capture mission and have the chance to get an Axi as well.

On the note of resource farming, at least there’s a lot of variation when it comes to both obtaining and opening relics. There’s no such thing when it comes to getting Kuva. I mentioned how tedious Kuva farming was in my Riven article, but it bears repeating. I honestly don’t mind how they add a new way to obtain Kuva, as long as it is different and doesn’t require an Operator too much. Perhaps a Kuva Assault alert could work. It could be added that appears every few hours, giving 1000 Kuva (enough for one re-roll) that works just like the normal Assault mission.

Speaking of Kuva missions, we need more voice lines. Or less. Either way, I’ve done a TON of Kuva missions. Lotus should bloody know by now what the fuck a Kuva Siphon is. Either have extra lines of Lotus saying “The Grineer are at it again, you know what to do!” or have her not talk at all. All this chattiness should be stuffed into missions for new players, not people on their twentieth Kuva Flood.

This article’s actually flowing rather nicely, because Kuva Floods have reminded me of pets. They die a lot. Mostly because of AOE enemies like the Hyekka Master and the Scorch. Companions can be revived and Sentinels can use Regen to respawn (once) but they crumble so easily with no way to protect them. Maybe there should be some better way to protect them? Kubrows and Kavats in particular, because they go down so easily even in low level missions. Right now though, most pets will die repeatedly in high level missions, robbing you of high value buffs.

Oh and while we’re discussing companions, can they get some sort of Vacuum ability too? The majority of players don’t even use Kubrows and Kavats, simply because it means picking everything up yourself. The only real exception is people taking Smeeta Kavats into Kuva missions for a chance to get double Kuva. I’m certain that a TON of players would take their pretty pets out more if they had an ability similar to Vacuum. Even if they just ate everything and spat it at your feet or something. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s always worth mentioning again.

Moving on from permanent companions, how about we look at temporary ones? There are Specters, which I’ve talked about before, and other, more generic, mission-only allies like the Syndicate blokes. The mission-only allies should be revive-able as well. After all, I’m sure they didn’t volunteer to work alongside a Tenno for a bit. Specters though, it would be nice if they had a bit more energy. They were given the ability to receive energy from Trinities and Energy Pads, but they still often don’t use many abilities. I build an Octavia specter and she stood there like an idiot. Most specters though aren’t that useful. The Corrupted Bombard specter that Baro Ki’Teer brought turned out to be utterly useless and most non-Warframe, non-Ancient and non-Shielding Osprey ones don’t seem to do much. Only the Clem Clone is any good, and it’d be nice if more specters were like that.

One last note on specters, whenever one uses Transferance and uses their kid form, one’s Warframe should act like a Specter, continuing to attack enemies while my space kid deals with space kid stuff.

Finally, let’s talk about something somewhat related to all those other things. Let’s talk about weapons and mods.

Basically, I’d like more weapon polarities on more weapons. A lot of underused and bad weapons have zero polarities. No special slots that use less capacity if you use a matching mod. I’m not saying that every weapon should have a bunch of V polarities (which are undoubtedly the best), but even a single polarity would be nice on a lot of badly underused weapons. If a weapon needs one or two less forma to become good, then maybe more people will use them!

I’m not fussy or picky. These changes would help everyone a ton.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 45% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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