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By any means necessary…

NOTE – This was the version of the demo I played upon writing the article but it’s now outdated and hence will look different from the modern demo if you try it! (I actually preferred the brighter visuals of the old one myself but it’s still the same solid game underneath!)

Funnily enough, I found this game thanks to the developer commenting on the Team Fortress 2 Instant Uber exploit I was watching. I then looked up the game on Steam and to my near-fatal shock saw a “Download Demo” button. Don’t see many of those nowadays. I’d only seen a snippet of the game, so I was looking forward to trying it out for myself and seeing if it felt like how it looked. So what did I think? Well, it’s like a cross between the movement of Titanfall, the simplicity of design of SUPERHOT and the visuals from Tron and to the surprise of absolutely no-one, I gotta say, it makes for one HELL of a combo.

GTTOD is a game focused on freedom of movement, speed and skill, and boy, does it deliver. You can get just about anywhere by sprinting, jumping, clambering, walljumping, dashing and airdashing. Not only do the movement mechanics seamlessly blend together, but they flow while in combat. It’s not just a traversal method to get from point A to B, it’s a way to dodge incoming fire and close in on an enemy all the while looking and feeling like an utter badass. It retains that sense of constant momentum that the game needs to deliver that old-school adrenaline-pumping FPS experience that it’s clearly gunning for.

This is a shooter designed to be experienced at its most visceral. It plays so smoothly, it’s a blast to play through. You can cover the entire length of the map without touching the floor after your first jump, it feels like you’re gliding. With movement like this, it’s hard to sit still and just shoot the enemy like in any other run-of-the-mill shooter. I never suspected the phrase “Stop playing with your food!” would be so apt for an FPS but here we are… Sure, it would probably be quicker and more efficient if I just stopped and shot the guy, but why would I do that when I can do it with flair while freerunning?

I did have a few annoying niggles, but it’s nothing that even gets close to stopping the fun. Just little technical things like having to right-click upon loading into the level since the mouse cursor would appear in-game. Sensitivity is reset per run, but it’s an easy fix as the sensitivity in the demo version is simply a scale of 1-5 and rebinding controls didn’t work for me (Me and WASD have bad blood between us.) even though the option exists to fix it in the menu confusingly. Note: These issues could have been fixed since last time I played, the demo is frequently updated! I’m simply telling my version of events.

Just a few quick tips: Secrets weapons are hidden in the environment within black boxes, so keep an eye out! Vending machines spit out a random weapon if you interact with it. The melee button is E, didn’t work this out until I accidentally mashed it when trying to reload. Holding right-click enters an alt-fire mode. For the revolver (which I ALWAYS took, I’m a sucker for power and accuracy.) this allows automatic fire. The starter weapons allow people of different FPS experience levels to enjoy the game, there’s a revolver, a 9mm handgun and a heat-seeking dart gun. Choose the right one for you.

Full game will allow each mode, level based only for the demo!

Despite the demo only consisting of a single level that you can speed through in under a minute, it’s such a playground of possibility that I’ve spent over three hours in it currently. That number will probably go up unless the full game comes out soon. Even then, I might replay the demo because upon the Early Access version of the game being released the demo will be revamped. If you like what you see, download the demo and give it a shot for yourself! Please consider supporting the developer upon the full release! In this time of tiered editions of games, mortgage-requiring microtransactions and poisonous lootboxes, it would be nice for a game with this much heart and effort put into it to flourish…

Thanks for reading and enjoy this short compilation of a “failed” trickshot. I wanted to end this article with a sweet gif of a countdown style trickshot, but it wasn’t to be. I crawled through my footage frame-by-frame and only featured the attempts in this video if the orange dot was on the target as I pulled the trigger and the ammo counter read zero. And no, funny guy, the video isn’t looping. I’m just very stubborn and took many attempts and only a fraction of those are in the video. I’m sure this game-breaking bug will really be a deal-breaker for the large and numerous flying-upside-down-while-firing-guns communities out there.




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