Five Songs To Calm One Down

There’s always noise in my head. Always someone talking. Always a conversation. Always a mess of things. There’s almost always some music there as well. The noise doesn’t stop until I go to sleep. But sometimes the noise is so loud that I can’t sleep. So I need some nice, calm, real world music to listen to. So here are five songs which calm me down, and I hope do the same for you.

5. Secunda, TESV Skyrim Soundtrack

This song is a fairly obvious one, a track I mentioned in my list of video game songs that I enjoy. But it really is a beautiful piece of music. A lot of the night time peaceful open world Skyrim tracks are, but there’s something about Secunda that just makes you want to lay down and stare at the moon for a bit, drifting off into nothingness.

The song works best when it’s listened to out loud, almost as a soundtrack to your own life and existence. A moment of peace before the storm.

4. Mosquito Song [Hidden Track], Queens of the Stone Age

A pretty weird song to have on here, considering that Queens of the Stone Age are generally rather rocky and loud and full of drugs, but this is more of a ‘full of drugs’ song in a peaceful way. The difference between a night out at the bar and spending a night at home with a spliff and a blanket. Not that I’d know, to be honest, I don’t drink or do drugs or anything (and am considered incredibly boring by my peers).

Either way, Mosquito Song is a weird, calm sort of thing that almost works like a lullaby.

3. Souvenir, Neil Finn (Or almost anything by Crowded House or Neil Finn)

Most songs by Neil Finn and company are amazing and beautiful. Don’t Dream It’s Over, Four Seasons in One Day, Faster than Light and Turn and Run would all be great alternatives to Souvenir, but Souvenir is the sort of song that triggers that feeling down my spine that I can’t put my finger on. There is almost something relatable to Souvenir as well, I’m not sure, like you’re stuck or trying to escape or have escaped or… I don’t know. The vocals are what really do it for me, as if someone’s talking to me.

2. Kave Diluvii (Flooded Caves), The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Soundtrack

Ambient noises don’t normally do it for me. I live in the middle of nowhere anyway, and the sound of goodness knows what in the wilderness can sometimes just be too much. Unless it’s water. But even then, running water in my life’s also a bit of a source of stress. Kave Diluvii, the soundtrack for the Flooded Caves levels in Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, is basically ambient sounds with an unusual guitar track and beat, unusual enough for me to not get all bothered about the sound of running water. The song is kinda repetitive, but it’s a quiet, almost boring repetitiveness that is also rather soothing, as I can almost predict the next few notes.

Funnily enough, this song’s pretty good sped up as well, but it’s not something you listen to while falling asleep.

1. Pyramid Song, Radiohead

This song is amazing. Almost eerie. Words almost don’t describe it.¬†Ideally, Pyramid Song needs to be played as loudly as possible, to get the most out of it. It’s almost terrifying in its own way, especially when watched with the video. There is both a feeling of hopelessness and desperation, but also relief and hopefulness. It was bad but it will be good. As if you’re the only person alive. Pyramid Song is beautiful, and in my opinion, it’s the best song Radiohead has ever produced.

Really, Pyramid Song’s chorus sums it all up, in one beautiful sentence.

“There was nothing to fear, nothing to doubt.”


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