A ‘Temporary’ End to Warframe Trials

Trials in Warframe are shit. Yeah, you can take up to 8 players into a trial, but the two trials on offer, the Law of Retribution and the Jordas Verdict, are both tedious lumps of puzzles tied together with awkward, confusing gameplay and bugs. They are awkward and glitchy and hard to get into and almost impossible to do with randoms. You can’t learn a Trial by just playing them, you can’t just jump in and play. It’s basically a guessing game as to what’s going on, and Trials are heavily tied to a strict meta unless you are super experienced. Heck, you don’t even do much killing, half the time you just use crowd control and HAVE to keep enemies alive for Trinities to spam their abilities. Trials are bad.

That being said, Digitial Extreme’s decision to put Trials on hold and remove them for a while is not fair.

Yes, all that stuff I just said about Trials is true. But people enjoy doing those bugfests. They are currently the only place to get (cosmetic) Arcanes that can be put on Syandanas and Warframe helmets, and they offer a good sum of money, working as some players’ main source of income. And if you have a good bunch of friends, they CAN be a lot of fun, as Youtuber Zanagoth often shows. An entire community, the Warframe Raid School Bus, has evolved around trying to get people into the Trials.

Really, DE should just leave them. I know they want to work on fixing the raids or doing goodness know what with them. Not many people enjoy raids, but they’re willing to push through the bugs and glitches. Leave the Trails as they are, and just fix them when they become uncompletable. That’s basically what Digital Extremes have done so far, so why not continue to do that while you work out whether to rework trials or do whatever you want to them.

Plus, it’s not like the mediocre loot from Trials will be gone forever. The Arcanes are going to be moved into the rewards for the new Eidolon boss fights that are coming soon to the Plains of Eidolon. And if you really, really want credits, you can more reliably get credits by playing the Index. Or by doing missions like Hieracon and Seimeni over and over. Or by doing the daily Sorties, which net you 100K.

My point is, give players options. DE has given players so many options in the past, so why not let the players have the choice of playing the Law of Retribution and the Jordas Verdict?

Actually, just leave Jordas Verdict. The Law of Retribution is horrible. That deserves to burn. What a horrible convoluted mess of a raid. Seriously, Mogamu’s guide is THE best guide for the Jordas Verdict, it needs a guide since it’s hard. I can’t see how people can enjoy the Law of Retribution, it’s just standing on buttons, but sadly the Jordas Verdict is more bugs and glitches than actual gameplay.

But yeah, leave those buggy messes alone.


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