A List of Things I’d Like for Clan Dojos

Since I recently got promoted to clan architect, I’ve been wanting to build stuff in the dojo but there’s so many little things that bother me. So I thought I’d be constructive and post a list of things that I’d really like added or changed. Because the Dojo Remaster really wasn’t that amazing, all it did was, aside from giving everyone a bunch of Grineer and Corpus resources that already existed in-game, give you Captura-style free camera and the same settings you get to move things around on your Orbiter.

This took fucking forever to fund.
This took fucking forever to fund.

First things first, contributing to things.

Everything needs to be funded when you build it. But right now that’s TEDIOUS AS HECK since you need to go through EVERY item, enter each value individually (or at least type 9999) and then click Contribute. Then you have to wait 24 hours to see the fruits of your labor. A Contribute All button would make everyone’s lives so much easier. It’s not like we’re rushing important gameplay elements, it’s just a quality of life thing.

I’d also want an option to use just my own resources. Depending on your rank in a clan, you can either use your own resources or resources that the clan has left over (mainly from anything that’s been built and destroyed) but you don’t get a choice on which set of resources you want to use.

The waiting wouldn’t be nearly so bad if big builds didn’t take so long to get going in the first place. Actually who am I kidding? Waiting 24 hours sucks. Could it maybe be 23 hours or something instead? Or maybe make the Platinum rushing costs cheaper? Or allow rushing with large amounts of credits as well?

Speaking of large things…

More Large Rooms

As it stands, it seems you can only build one of each type of Hall in a Dojo. And only one Observatory. And only one Barracks of a single type. The Barracks I understand since that’s what determines the size of your clan, but why can’t we have more halls? The little gardens are very nice, but there’s nowhere near as much room to build in them as there are in halls. People LOVE customizing and giving people plenty of space to do so is always a good thing. Especially when they may rush things with Platinum or something.

I have to resort to building outside the Dojo.
I have to resort to building outside the Dojo.

More Themes

All Clan Dojos have the same theme – Tenno. Originally Dojos were all themed based on Orokin architecture but few of those are left. But I’d love to have different styles of clans, at least for the major Hall rooms. Give us a Grineer ship tileset or a Corpus one to go with the large array of new props we were given to play with. Because it’s a shame to build all these cool Corpus/Grineer things, only to see that same old Tenno architecture underneath.

Of course, to change a room’s theme, you’ll have to put resources to it, either in the form of clan research or by normal contributions, but still, it’d be nice to have different rooms…

Orokin, Infested and Sentient Items

Why should the Grineer and Corpus only get nice things?

More Items in General

Being able to donate your own personal items to Clan vaults is a nice idea, but there’s still room for more decorations. Some of them could even be Platinum-only decorations, giving clans something to work towards – although the multiplier for larger clans may have to be altered a bit.

Press 3 to Place Duplicate in Same Position

Or something like that. There’s currently an option to place the same item again, but this could be taken one step further with a duplication tool or something like that. A lot of builds require repetition and the free camera decorating mode can make this extremely tricky.


Now, you can recolour rooms, and many rooms got touch ups with their lighting. But you can only recolour, or ‘polychrome’ rooms themselves, you can’t actually use a polychrome on anything else. Honestly, I’m not suggesting that everything be recolourable because that would be a TON of extra work, but a handful of items would be great if they could be recoloured – mainly the Tenno banners, since they’re designed to match the base colour of a dojo. At the very least let us tint the banners in a single colour, changing them from Tenno grey-blue to a colour from a clan’s emblem.

More Water

This is really just a personal one. I’d love more decorations with water in them. Currently there are just a handful of items, none of which can be made particularly large.

There’s probably tons of other stuff that would make clan decoration even better, but eh, that will do for now.



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