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I know you all love free games, so it’s almost my duty to let you know about them. Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition is currently available for free via the Humble Bundle store. Yeah I know it’s free advertising for them but not everyone’s subscribed to emails from Humble Bundle and GoG and all that, and I wouldn’t want people to miss out on free games.

What is Galactic Civilizations II (or Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, which is its full title)? According to the Humble Bundle page, it’s a PC strategy game based around exploring and conquering a galaxy, with economies and technology and diplomacy and things like that. Like a lot of Civilization games, there’s multiple paths to victory, from military might to political alliances to having way better technology than everyone else. There’s also your own ship builder and the ability to play as a ton of races or create your own, all of which sound awesome.

The plot sounds kinda generic, but it’s a space conquering game, it doesn’t really need a plot, it’s the gameplay that’s important.

The Ultimate Edition also contains a couple of expansions for Galactic Civilization, including Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar and Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor, both of which add a ton of extra gameplay stuff, like asteroids for mining and campaigns and things like that. It’s nice that these are included. Sucks when you’re missing out on cool features.

Apparently Galactic Civilizations II is also rather moddable, but since it’s an old game and there’s a Galactic Civilizations III out there, things might not work right. There is a brief guide to modding on this website here. So the option is there if you want to make your own stuff. But from my brief looking around, there are also conversion mods for Star Trek and Star Wars and other things like that, which is pretty cool too.

Image from Humble Bundle Store
Image from Humble Bundle Store

It’s not really the sort of game that’s my cup of tea, I’ve never had the time or patience for diplomacy or tactics or even strategy in general. But if you like games like the Sid Meiers Civilization series, then this might be a good game to grab. Especially for the grand price of free.

The game is delivered to you as a Steam key, which can be activated via the Add A Game to Library button, and requires a Steam account to play.

This offer ends at about 7pm UTC on the 19th of May (according to the countdown on the Humble Bundle Store), so if you’re interested, grab it. And make sure you use the key because these tend to expire these days, mainly to stop people from selling them on.

Or do what I do and grab it because it’s free and then never actually play it. I swear, free games make up like a fifth of my Steam library.


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