Why I Haven’t Done My Mastery Rank Test

I haven’t done my Mastery Rank test in a long time. I’ve been Mastery Rank 16 for about 3 months now and literally did the MR17 and MR18 tests a few days ago. The Mastery Rank 19 test is staring at me. I actually have enough affinity accumulated to get to about MR 20, if I wanted to. I’d have to stagger the tests over several days (since there’s a limit of one test, pass or fail, every 24 hours). But I haven’t done them.

I don’t want to look like a really good player when I’m just an alright player

People look up to people with high mastery ranks, it’s an indicator of how much time you’ve spent playing the game. To get to mastery ranks 22-25, you need to have leveled everything in the game, from normal weapons to prime weapons to Invasion-only Vandal and Wraith weapons to every Warframe and its variant… and so on. That also costs a significant amount of resources, from platinum for slots to rare resources to HUGE amounts of Forma.

Then people start to think that you’re good at the game. Which I’m kinda not. I mean I’m an okay player but I’m not an amazing player who knows the secrets to Warframe. I run around with my Ignis and my Supra Vandal barely killing things with my unforma’d Warframes. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea.

I don’t like waiting until my weapons and Warframes are level 18 before I can put mods in them

This sounds especially dumb, because the higher the mastery rank you are, the more slots you have available on an unranked weapon. But one of the biggest things I enjoyed as I originally played Warframe was rushing over to my arsenal to see what mods I could squeeze in to my new Warframe or gun. Now that I’m Mastery Rank 18, I can’t put any mods into my weapons until they’re all level 18 too. That’s not so bad while forma’ing weapons but that first leveling of a weapon is such a chore as it is, that the fun of squeezing more mods in is washed away.

I hate doing Mastery Tests

I just hate doing them. They stress me out. Way more than they should. And right now I really do not need any stress. I just want to do various fun things and close the game in a good mood.

What makes this awkward is that I fucked up the MR17 test multiple times now and I didn’t want to resort to cheese to finish the test. I ended up running around with my Supra Vandal running from orb to orb.

Patiently sitting here, waiting to trample someone to death...

It gets worse

If I don’t do the MR17 and MR18 tests then it means I never have to do the dreaded MR19 stealth test. Actually, the MR18 test was piss easy (literally just a defense mission) but I struggled enough with the MR9 test, which involved killing all enemies without being detected and without enemies seeing the bodies. I have no idea how I’m going to do the shit the MR19 test requires.

There’s nothing over Mastery Rank 16 anyway

Funnily enough, after Mastery Rank 15 there are no new weapons, you can use any weapon in the game, and after Mastery Rank 16, you can use any riven you want too. Everything in the game is unlocked by then. The only things you get is more space for Void Traces, a little extra Focus and Standing. It also means I get more trades per day, but I don’t think I’ve ever used more than 10 in a day anyway.

I’m still leveling things up anyway

It’s not like this mastery is being wasted by not doing these tests. The mastery just builds up and builds up until I do the tests. I’ve worked my way through every primary and secondary weapon on the market, I’m working on all market melee weapons, I’ve got a huge bundle of prime and prisma variants, I’ve leveled up almost every amp and have every Warframe available now, and I’m planning on making every Zaw as well. So it’s not like I’ve been doing nothing all this time.

It pisses off my brother and clan mates

Sometimes I just like to be annoying ^^

I mean, I’ll get round to doing my Mastery Rank tests eventually. But eh, it doesn’t really affect me right now.


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