I Completely Forgot To Do A Deadpool 2 Movie Review

I’ve seen Deadpool 2 three times and I haven’t reviewed it. Isn’t that a bit crazy? Isn’t it crazy that I saw the movie two whole times? Well that last thing not so much. Because my dad (big comic book fan) wanted to see it with me, so did my brother and so did my cousin on one of the last showings. Totally a family film. No, really. It’s a family film. As in the main theme of the story is family and having people you can fall back on and relationship stuff and things like that.

All that being said, this article isn’t about the Deadpool 2 movie. As great as it was. This article is about Deadpool in general. Actually it’s more of a weird ramble written while I’m losing my mind and slowly melting into a pile of sweat than an article, but oh well.

I’ve read comic Deadpool. I’ve read a few variations of him. I’ve seen the movies as well. And I’ve seen the crazy over the top fan art stuff that people do with Deadpool. When you have a long-running character, like Deadpool, or Spider-Man, or Batman, or Superman or whatever, you tend to have a lot of different versions of them, based on how each writer, uh, writes them. You do have inconsistencies but there’s… a vague sense of what a character is. Then there’s all the alternate universe stuff and story arcs and things like that. I mean, Superman and Injustice Superman are very different beasts.

When someone gets super popular though, you end up with a billion different variations that cover pretty much every spectrum of existence.

With Deadpool, it feels way, way worse.

Like, everything gets dialed up to 11. Both in the quantity, quality and sometimes even the cringiness. But because Deadpool is a self-aware character, he can get away with that sort of thing. He can be a serious character and a raving lunatic talking about tacos and they are both somewhat valid representations of Deadpool. It’s only really the Joker and Harley Quinn who can also get away with this sort of thing, but there’s something about Deadpool that lets him go… too far.

On his own, Deadpool is pure insanity. And not even a good sort of insanity. What could be good can so easily turn into pure 100% cringe within seconds. He NEEDS to be paired with someone, just to have a grip on reality.

Deadpool don't give a fuck.
Deadpool don’t give a fuck.

A lot of Deadpool’s greatest comics have been when he’s paired with other people. Generally people who are far more sane and stable than he is. Heck, the more serious, the better, which is why Cable and Wolverine make for such good tag team partners with Deadpool. Spider-Man not so much, because then the constant jokes from both sides butt heads. And to be honest, if there’s no killing going on (something which characters like Spider-Man don’t allow) then Deadpool seems out of place, because he’s a murdering lunatic and the inability to murder restricts Deadpool greatly.

Funnily enough, that actually brings us nicely back to the movies. Because I lied and there is a little bit of a Deadpool 2 review in here. Or at least a mention of it.

You see, Deadpool 1 is an awesome film because it introduces Deadpool pretty cleanly on his own, but at the same time has a small backup cast to, I don’t know, give it some edge. There’s multiple reasons for everyone to be there, and the entire cast, from Ajax to Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (I got that right first try, yay me!) give Deadpool a wall to bounce off of.

Deadpool 2 takes that one step further, with the whole family plot giving Wade some character, but also giving Deadpool an entire room to bounce around.He bounces to and from every other character so well that any potential cringiness quickly fades away, either because someone has a witty comeback or because other characters realise how fucked up things are too.

That’s the thing that people forget. You can have too much of a good thing, and Deadpool is so, so easy to overdose on. To the point that you might not even notice when things go from awesome to cringe-fest. I mean, why do you think that Deadpool Corps and Deadpool’s more solo adventures can be so hit and miss? But more importantly, you need something to counter Deadpool. Someone serious to go against Deadpool’s spiciness and sweetness. Like a yogurt dip to go with your curry. Or like peanut butter and jam. Or bacon and maple syrup.

You get the idea.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. Deadpool 2 was fucking awesome. Totally recommend it.


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