Boolet Hose

Reloading sucks. No one likes reloading a video game gun. Reloading places a massive sign on your head that says “SHOOT ME NOW, I AM VULNERABLE!” and makes you a walking target. So if you don’t like reloading, what are your options? Do you find a gun with a faster reload? I guess, but where’s the fun in that? There’s a better option: You find a gun with a massive magazine or clip, so you only have to reload once in a blue moon. Heavy Weapons Guy knows what’s up with his Minigun.

But in Warframe there aren’t that many real bullet hoses. Sure, things like the Soma Prime and the Prisma Grakata have a clip of 120, but that’s not particularly minigun-y. You have to reload sooner rather than later. The Soma in particular is also a weapon that prefers accuracy and headshots, so really you want to somewhat take your time. If you fire enough bullets, you will get some headshots, but ideally you want to get as many headshots as possible with your clip before you have to sit through a reloading animation or two. The Gorgon and its Prisma variant are probably the closest to an actual minigun, and in the hands of Grineer Heavy Gunners they will rip you to shreds, but they still don’t feel like bullet hoses.

Volt Prime and Supra Vandal

Well that’s where the Supra comes in.

Or more importantly, the Supra Vandal.

The normal Supra is cool and all. It’s got shitty critical chances but pretty good status chances, and it has a magazine size of 180. But the Supra Vandal is the real beast here. It’s perfect in every way. It can get to 100% status chance with ease. And it has a clip size of 300. Okay, yeah, sure, the Supra and the Supra Vandal have a 3 second reload, but honestly that’s pretty average in the grand scheme of things. You can also cancel the last quarter of the reload animation with a roll, which is nice.

Really, that clip size of 300 is amazing. Nothing comes close to the Supra Vandal in terms of clip size. You can sit there and spray bullets at anything and everything. It’s got the largest clip size in the game by quite a large margin. Sure, the Supra Vandal has a wind up time but you hardly notice it. Even more so if you stick Fire Rate mods on it. Even a half-ranked Speed Trigger will do. Put enough fire rate on the Supra Vandal and it almost turns into a beam weapon. A beam of bullets. A terrifying bullet hose of death and pain and destruction.

Paired with a half-decent riven mod and the Supra Vandal becomes a genuine menace. It has a middling disposition, but because it fires so many bullets, you can get away with all sorts of things on your riven, from damage to critical chance and damage to status chance to fire rate, and still have a fun weapon.

But because of the already insanely high magazine size, you can very easily get even bigger clip sizes. I have a Supra riven with +60ish% magazine size on it. That brings me up to over 500 bullets per clip. Which is awesome. Maybe one day I will have to reload, but for now I can keep on shooting. I recommend bringing Ammo Case on Carrier or using something that gives you more ammo, because you will be using a lot of it.

Supra Vandal and Mirage clones

The only downside to the Supra Vandal, aside from the insanely high mastery rank requirement (14? Really?) is its rarity. It was originally a reward for completing the Ambulas Reborn event, and it came with an Orokin potato already installed. Now you can get it from Baro Ki’Teer but it took an awfully long time for Baro to actually bring the weapon in the first place.

If you’re looking for a secondary weapon that does the same thing, well sadly the Cestra and Dual Cestra just don’t cut it. They don’t have an enormous clip size like their big brother Supra, they have mediocre damage and take longer to reload than the Supra Vandal.

I just wish the Supra Vandal wasn’t Mastery Rank 14 now. Why have all the awesome weapons got to be locked away at higher and higher mastery ranks? At least the Sonicor is still Mastery Rank 2…


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