Misfit Eidolon Hunt

“We’re going on an Eidolon hunt!” Frost exclaimed as he rummaged through his arsenal, looking for weapons to take with him. “We’re gonna murder some monsters!”

“No, we’re going to capture one monster…” Volt sighed. “Maybe.”

“Mate, I haven’t really done this before, just been carried by others!” Frost exclaimed. “I mean, I have a tier 2 Amp for my real self from being carried but I kinda… just did nothing while they killed the Teralyst. Are we going to kill all three?”

Volt sighed again. “I just told you. We’re going to capture the Teralyst and see how we go. Assuming the others get here…”

Frost tapped his communicator then tutted. “Saryn can’t make it. She’s busy doing Sanctuary Onslaught with a team of ‘mass murderers like herself’. Her words, not mine. Any word from Ember?”

“Nope. Says she doesn’t want to. Too scary. It’s just a massive Sentient…”

“Well…” Frost shrugged. “It IS a massive Sentient. We fought a massive war against them and we’re likely to have to do that again. Is there anyone else you can invite? What about Oberon?”

“Oberon hates me.”

“Yeah but at least he doesn’t mind babysitting things like Eidolon Lures and Titania.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that he hates me… You just invited him, didn’t you?”

A familiar butterfly-themed Liset dropped a familiar butterfly-skirted Warframe off at the landing point for Cetus.

“Hello Frost. Hello bug.”

Volt rolled his neuroptics. “I’ve apologised to you a billion times, Oberon. I even bought Titania a skin. She accepted my apology, why not you?”

Oberon bashed Volt on the shoulder. “I’m just kidding. Most people don’t want Oberons like myself in their hunting squads.”

“Oh… Well, this is just a sort of… I don’t know, a messing around thing.”

“Hence why Frost is here.”

Frost ignored Oberon’s bad joke. “So you want to invite one more guy? Just to round off the team? I mean, having Oberon here is bad enough, but I don’t trust random Tenno at all.”

Oberon grunted. “Titania’s asleep.”

“There’s only one Tenno I can invite, but… He can’t…”

“Who?” Frost asked.

Volt hesitated. “Excalibur. But he’s only a Gold Novice, he hasn’t even woken from the Second Dream yet.”

Frost and Oberon both shrugged. “Invite him anyway.”

Volt did as he was told. The three Tenno watched as a basic Liset dropped off a bright blue and orange Excalibur. He trotted over to his friends, looking happy.

“You guys doing night bounties?”

“No, we’re going to capture a Teralyst.”

Excalibur looked confused. “And you invited me? You know I can’t… project myself yet, right?”

Oberon grunted again. “This isn’t going to work. He doesn’t even have a sniper rifle with Radiation on it.”

“Actually, I do.”


Excalibur pulled out a Vectis. It had an Orokin Catalyst installed on it, as well as the two mods to make Radiation damage.

“It’s my favourite gun. I’ve got all the elemental mods, I mix them up as I need them. You need Radiation to hurt the Eidolon’s knees, yes? And… your real self to damage its shields?”

Volt was curious now. “You know how to capture one?”

“I’ve seen people do it. I was just out fishing and stuff. This random Trinity went and did the whole thing on her own while I watched.”

Oberon and Frost both looked at Volt in a “sure, let him come” sort of way. Volt finally relented.

“Alright. You can come. But we’d better get going. We don’t have long…”

Out on the Plains, it didn’t take long for a Teralyst to show up. It was traipsing around the Grineer camp with the geyser nearby. Most of the Grineer had been killed by Vomvalysts but two lures remained.

“Alright, Excalibur!” Oberon commanded. “You go hack those lures. Frost will help you fill them with Vomvalyst souls. Volt and I will start on the Teralyst’s shields.”

Excalibur did as he was told, hesitating briefly as the Teralyst fired a massive beam of light towards another Grineer camp. Frost broke the hard shells off some Vomvalysts then smiled as they got sucked into Excalibur’s two lures.

“Is this all we need?”

“Yep. But if you want, you can go get another Lure while I take these to the Eidolon.”

Frost grabbed the lures and ran off. By the time he had arrived, Volt and Oberon were already half way through the Eidolon’s shield. An Electric Shield placed by Volt helped Frost and his meagre, non-gilded Amp do more damage.

A shattering sound was heard. The Eidolon screamed, firing blasts of energy, as the squad poured bullets into the rocky nodule on its shoulder.

“Quick, get on my Hallowed Ground!” Oberon shouted as the nodule exploded.

Another scream, and the Eidolon lowered itself, before screaming yet again. This time though, a wave of magnetic energy blew through. Luckily, the Hallowed Ground protected them from the draining properties of the magnetic wave.

Definitely pissed off now, the Eidolon continued to attack, but a blue beam from an Eidolon Lure stopped it from going too far.

“Everyone alright?” Volt asked as the three of them started shooting at the Eidolon’s regenerated shields. “Excalibur?”

“He’s getting lures, he’s fine!”

Excalibur waved from the top of a Grineer camp. Volt waved back and they continued to shoot at the Eidolon.

Again, a shattering sound was heard, and again the Teralyst shouted and shot lasers as they all attacked its other shoulder nodule. They had names, but the Tenno were too busy to remember what they were called, so they just called out limb parts. And yet again, when the rocky lump exploded, the Teralyst screamed and let out a wave of energy.

The same thing happened for the Teralyst’s left knee, but as they started attacking the shields again, one of the Eidolon Lures exploded, destroyed by one of the Teralyst’s laser barrages.

“Shit, we’re going to have to get another lure!” Oberon growled.

“Already got them!” Excalibur beamed as he charged through, carrying seven Eidolon Lures, one of which was filled with the souls of dead Vomvalysts. “Is this enough?”

Oberon blinked. Volt simply waved again. “Come on, we’re nearly at the good bit!”

One of the Lures latched on to the two knees, replacing the Lure that had exploded. This time though, after the Teralysts’s rocky knee piece exploded, the monster fell to the ground, screaming, crying and shooting laser beams, while summoning a ton of Vomvalysts.

“I hate those bastards!” Excalibur shouted as he pulled out his Exalted Blade, flailing wildly at both the Eidolon and any Vomvalysts that dared come close. Not wanting to make Excalibur feel left out, Volt threw out his Zenistar disc, then went back to shooting Vomvalysts with his Amp.

After what felt like an eternity, the Teralyst got back up and the Vomvalysts stopped spawning.

But this time, it didn’t have any magical shields.

“Can we shoot it now?” Excalibur asked.


The four Tenno pulled out their sniper rifles and shot the Teralyst. As its health depleted, the Lures began to glow, until suddenly the Teralyst fell quiet.

With one final wail, the Eidolon lifted into the air then sank down into the ground, leaving nothing but a pile of Eidolon shards. The Lures exploded, their cores drifting up into the air and teleporting away.

“Did we kill it?” Frost asked after an awkwardly long silence.

“No, we captured it…” Volt explained, before getting excited. “Guys, we captured a Teralyst!”

Excalibur though seemed a bit uneasy. “If we captured it, where did it go?”

“I think the Quills take it…” Oberon shrugged.

“What are they doing with all those captured Eidolons then?” Excalibur asked.

“That…” Volt blinked, not sure what to say. “That is a really good question…”


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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