A Spy Mission on Europa

Volt made sure everything was dead before he hacked the console to open the door. He needed to go deeper into this horrible wreckage, deeper into the remains of massive Corpus ship that had crashed into an Infested breeding ground. Why? Because there was some useful data on three consoles somewhere which the Tenno Council really needed right now, and there was a massive Void fissure that needed closing. Volt and three other, somewhat random Tenno, had decided to accept this mission.

Or, at least, Volt assumed the Tenno Council needed it. Clearly the Lotus didn’t. She seemed to be able to easily get into systems like this and Volt often wondered why she even bothered sending Tenno in sometimes. Then again, he had no idea what the Lotus was up to these days.

The door opened up, revealing a lift. Volt recognised this. It was the Tower Vault. A Spy Vault with a massive tower on it. The lift went straight to the bottom of the tower and one would have to climb back up it, avoiding cameras, lasers and enemies. Once at the top, the trick was to jump down a hole, avoiding more lasers on the way.

Well, that was the dumb way. Volt just activated the lift then jumped into a vent shaft that appeared just as the lift started moving down. It saved him having to climb too far. Unfortunately Volt had come utterly unprepared otherwise, he lacked silent weapons to kill without being detected, and his unranked Ether Blades had no range and did fuck all to even Corpus armour. Which meant he had to sneak around like an idiot.

A strange, whirring sound filled the air. A Void Fissure opened up at the bottom of the tower, spewing enemies around. The handful of Corpus that had been stationes there blinked in confusion, then simply shrugged. They had been on duty for twelve hours, they appreciated the company. Especially since there were Infested roaming around outside the vault.

“Volt, what’s taking so long?” The team’s Ivara grumbled over comms. She had already done her vault. But she also had invisibility and the power to render all Spy Vault traps harmless, so of course she had finished first.

“I’m busy…” Volt muttered back, just as the lights flickered. Those familar grunts and groans rang through via transmissions. The electric Warframe rolled all four of his neural sensors as he spotted Shadow Stalker teleporting in, exactly where all the Corrupted had spawned literally a second ago. He hadn’t noticed Volt yet. Actually, he wasn’t even here for Volt.

To make matters worse, an alarm went off. Someone had… triggered the alarms in another vault. That didn’t stop Volt from instinctively dropping an Air Support Charge though. Ordis quickly stepped in and paused the data destruction timer, giving the newbie Mag a chance to escape and for Ivara to step in and save the data. They cut it close though, with only 4 seconds to spare.

“You done yet, mister Gold Dragon?” Ivara tutted.

“There are twenty enemies and a fucking shadow stalker in this vault, gimme a minute!” Volt hissed back. He climbed onto the top level of the tower and somehow managed to kill the one guy who was there. With him dead, Volt could jump inside the last part. Good thing he already collected his reactant though, because the Ivar was clearly in a rush.

The lasers, thankfully, were damaged and slow. Volt jumped down with no problem. All he needed to do was hack the pa-

“I’ll help!” A Loki Prime with fancy prime armour and a Sage sigil suddenly appeared outside the tower. Shadow Stalker, the Corpus and the Corrupted, who had been perfectly calm and quiet up until now, immediately spotted the white and gold Tenno and opened fire. One of them also set off the alarms.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” Volt shouted as he hacked the panel and grabbed the data. Ivara and Mag leaped into the vault to save the downed Loki, while Volt cleaned up and chased off Shadow Stalker. Of course, the bastard didn’t drop anything of value. Actually, he didn’t drop anything at all.

The Loki awkwardly thanked his squadmates as they headed off to extraction.

“That took forever…” Ivara groaned.

“I brought the wrong tools. Fucking hate Spy missions as it is!” Volt grunted.

“Why the fuck did you bring a rocket launcher to a Spy mission anyway?” Mag asked.

“Because the mission statement just said CROSSFIRE! I thought this would be an Exterminate mission!” Volt exclaimed. “I’d completely forgotten about Crossfire Spy missions!”

Loki and Mag glanced awkwardly at each other.

“I thought this was an exterminate too…” Loki sheepishly admitted. “But at least we made it!”

“Yeah, I guess…” Ivara sighed as they reached extraction.

Volt hacks a console
Fun fact: I went into a bunch of low level missions so I could easily get a screenshot, forgetting that Survival missions always use the lowest level console. So I just photoshopped that shit because I couldn’t be bothered to extract and do another mission.


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