Why Khora, Ivara and Volt?

I’ll be honest, I really, really liked Medicinal Warlock’s series of articles on why he plays various TF2 classes. I actually considered doing something similar, but frankly 1. I didn’t want to copy him directly, 2. his reasons for playing each class are actually pretty similar to mine already (especially Pyro…) and 3. I’ve actually already written various articles on why I play various classes. In fact, we’ve had other people write articles on TF2 classes as well.

I’ll just do an article about Warframe choices then. Because why not.

So yeah, I really like three frames in particular. Long time readers will know how much I like Volt, considering the fact I wrote multiple articles obsessing about him, and a Volt is the protagonist in most of the Warframe fan fiction stories I write. The other two frames I generally play with are Khora and Ivara.

All three have articles about them. But I haven’t written anything about why I play them. And frankly the Volt articles are starting to show their age.

Let’s start with Volt, because he’s the most yellow of the bunch.

Basically, Volt is good at everything. Not great, just good. He’s a Jack of all trades, useful in pretty much every mission apart from maybe Defection. Volt’s even useful in Spy missions simply because he can get to and from each vault pretty quickly. Volt carries crowd control, single target stuns, shields, buffs, increased movement speed and damage, all in one package. Alright, Frost is better at defending an objective and Saryn deals more damage, but Volt does both. Sure, Loki runs faster and Vauban stuns enemies for longer, but Volt speeds everyone up and can recast Discharge on a regular basis.

An awesome Volt and an awesome Zenistar
It’s worth it though…

For Khora, it’s exactly the same thing. Khora is the Jill of all trades. There’s never a place where Khora isn’t useful. Except Spy missions. Because Venari has a habit of trying to trip alarms and screwing things up. But really, Khora is a step up from Volt, as she requires a lot less thinking. Khora has a nice big crowd control like Volt’s Discharge; she has a smaller crowd control with entangle and her passive is basically extra sprint speed while Venari is alive and nearby. On top of that, she comes with the ability to heal, by getting Venari to heal things for her.

Khora actually goes a step further though. She makes things easy. Particularly missions that need things defending. Both Strangledome and Entangle can completely lock down an area for at least a good 20 seconds. Giving you plenty of time to heal up.

Khora and Venari on the Plains

You’d think her sheer strength though would stop me from playing Volt so much. Nope. Volt tends to win out, not just because of nostalgia, but because his abilities are all that much faster – the only one with an even remotely slow casting animation is Electric Shield, but that thing stops almost all bullets. Volt is my choice when I need to get things done and dusted right now, while Khora tends to take things at a… normal speed. Not slowly, definitely a little faster than normal, but also not as fast as Volt.

Both frames can be taken into any mission and still be useful. You can say that about most frames in general, but for Volt and Khora, there’s always an ability that’s useful, you’re not just an extra gun that murders things.

Ivara is basically there for Spy missions. At least, that’s what I originally used her for. But like Volt and Khora, Ivara has a Jill of all trades feel about her, it’s just not as obvious. She has a bit of crowd control by putting enemies to sleep, she can do a lot of damage using her Artemis Bow or messing around with Navigator and she also has invisibility, which makes up for her flimsiness.

While Volt is the speedster and Khora is more average speed, Ivara is someone I can take out when I want to go nice and slow.

Ivara's nice. I like her. I actually don't use her Artemis Bow a lot though.

So, between those three Warframes, I can do pretty much any mission in the game. And if I can’t… well, I have other options. There’s always other options. They cover all my bases though.

But really, the reason I play the three of them is because they’re insanely fun. Volt is derpy fun, Khora is sexy cat lady fun and Ivara is sneak archer fun. Fun at, really, three different speeds of gameplay.


Medic, also known as Phovos (or occasionally Dr Retvik Von Scribblesalot), writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF since she doesn't have anything better to do. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Phovos has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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