Paris Prime – The First and Last Step

The Paris Prime was one of the first weapons I managed to gather all the Prime parts for and build in the foundry. But as I played through Warframe, I found that bows were getting harder to use against more and more enemies. Sure, at the start of a mission, like an Exterminate or Rescue, when there’s only scattered enemies lying around, a Paris bow would silently take them out, but in a Defense mission or an Interception mission where enemies were all already alerted? Bows began to drag me down with their slow charge times. They might be able to kill in one hit, but drawing a bow for a lot of enemies was always tedious.

Recreating my original early-game look, with the MK1-Bo, Paris and my Furis which I still have. I wonder what I would have thought of the Plains of Eidolon back when I was new.
Recreating my original early-game look, with the MK1-Bo, Paris and my Furis which I still have. I wonder what I would have thought of the Plains of Eidolon back when I was new.

Plus, I found better weapons. The Braton family for example. Later the Ignis and Sonicor took over, as did other weapons, like the Orthos and the Lesion.

The Paris Prime though, I never actually claimed it from my foundry. I used the MK1-Paris, my starter weapon. I traded it in for an MK1-Braton and a normal Braton later on. I leveled up every other Bow weapon in the game, including the Zhuge and the Attica. But the Paris Prime remained in my foundry. Until I realised that I only needed about 9000 more mastery for Mastery Rank 25. The equivalent of 3 weapons.

I decided that Paris Prime would be the last weapon I leveled up to hit that goal. Thanks to an Affinity Booster I got just by logging in, that only took me about an hour of running random Void Fissures.

So yeah, I’ve pretty much reached Mastery Rank 25.

Except I don’t want to level up. You see, Mastery Rank 24 has the title of Gold Dragon, while Mastery Rank 25 has the rank of Sage. One of those sounds way cooler than the other. Also the mastery rank test for MR25 is pretty shitty. It’s that “kill enemies and melee orbs for more time” thing YET AGAIN (seriously it’s the third time that type of test has popped up) but to make matters worse, you have to use Archwing to get to various platforms. Fun. I need to work out a good Titania build for that. Maybe use the Zenistar as well.

An awesome Volt and an awesome Zenistar
Me as I am today, using the Zenistar and my bright yellow Volt Prime look with the default Volt helmet.

In the mean time though, holy shit, I have come a long, LONG way. I’ve got every single Warframe aside from Excalibur Prime, every secondary weapon apart from the Founders-only Lato Prime and the ultra rare Lato Vandal, every Amp, Zaw and Companion mastered and the majority of primary and melee weapons. It’s taken me two years of playing casually, but here I am.

I’ve also managed to reach the requirement for MR25 just before MR26 was available for everyone. Only Founders with Excalibur, Skana and Lato Prime can reach MR26 currently, but three more new weapons (or a Warframe and one weapon) will mean everyone can work towards MR26.

As for the Paris Prime itself?

Volt with Paris Prime
Volt with his new Paris Prime

It’s alright. It comes with a V and a – polarity, meaning you can put Serration in straight away and add a little Multishot in with Vigilante Armaments. But the draw time feels slow, slower than other bows and the damage isn’t amazing either. Paris Prime will certainly get you around most of the star chart once you’ve installed an Orokin Potato, but there are better weapons out there. The Cernos family, are all probably better than Paris Prime, particularly Rakta Cernos and Cernos Prime. Paris Prime IS definitely a step up to the Paris and MK1-Paris, and it’s a billion times better than the Daikyu.

I wouldn’t use the Paris Prime over the Rakta Cernos, but it’s a serviceable bow. 7/10 would recommend to newbies.


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