Warframe’s Fortuna update has been released


After a tense few months, the Fortuna update is finally here for PC, and it’s a big one! Over 4GB of big! Sadly Consoles have to wait a bit, but they’ll get Fortuna soon!

What’s in the update, you ask? Aside from the massive new area, the Orb Valis? A place that’s like, double, maybe triple the size of the Plains of Eidolon and is also a lot taller and deeper?

Firstly there’s the brand new K-Drive. Because why the hell would you want to fly across the Orb Valis when you can fricking hoverboard across it? While grinding along rails and doing sick tricks while in the air? Give me a minute while I think of a witty way to describe this. Tenno Hawk’s Pro Skater maybe?

Secondly, Bounties are changing in Fortuna. While you find yourself running back and forth for new bounties on the Plains, Fortuna allows you to capture Corpus bases and turn them into Solaris outposts, which means Solaris workers can give you bounties from the new outposts rather than having to return to Fortuna proper. The bounties themselves also claim to be more interesting and less tied to a single spot, so you have more freedom in actually completing them.

There are also three spins on the activities from the Plains of Eidolon. Fishing and Mining come back, but they are a little more varied now – not just with new ores and gems and fishes (mechanical fishes no less) but in the way you farm them. A new activity has been added where you can track down and capture rare animals for preservation. Apparently in exchange for plushies of said animals.

Then there’s the buildables. There’s a bunch of new weapons and a new Sentinel, the Occulyst. But on top of that, we’ll also be able to build our own secondary weapons, known as Kitguns. But on top of THAT, we’ll be able to build our own MOA pets. Which is basically something I’ve wanted in Warframe, ever since I found out you can hack various MOA spawning consoles in Corpus maps.

I am going to have so many MOAs.

There’s also a new Warframe, Garuda, who has nothing to do with Fortuna what so ever, but is now alive and well, ready to tear people apart and turn them into bloody healing beacons. Actually, Garuda will be useful for tearing apart all those new spider-like enemies that will appear on the Orb Valis.

But is there anything that’s not related to Fortuna? A few things. A new Amber Ayatan Star blueprint has been added to the rewards from the Arbiters of Hexis when it comes to Arbitrations, so we can finally fill all those statues we’ve been collecting. And we can FINALLY change our Focus School from the main Arsenal menu. Which means the days of wandering into an Eidolon hunt, having forgotten to switch from Zenurik to Unairu, are gone.

And if you’re not a fan of ANY of those things? Well, thanks to the Solaris United ARG that ran up until the release of Fortuna, there’s a nice promo code coming out soon that will net us some nice things (like forma, Orokin cells and an Articula), and watching Warframe partners on Twitch will also net you some extra loot.

As for me, I’m off to download this massive update and jump into the Orb Valis. You’re all welcome to join me!

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