Fun Warframe Weapons You Should Try

While the majority of weapons in Warframe are either pointy things you hit people with or guns that do various amounts of pew-pewing, there are definitely some guns that you really should try.

The Ogris

There’s only one rocket launcher in Warframe currently and it’s the Ogris, a really ugly lump of a weapon that actually originally used to look like the Black Box. While Grineer Bombards use the Ogris to great effect, it’s… not very good. Sure, the Ogris does a lot of damage, but you will most likely blow yourself up. Still, stick Heavy Caliber on it (+damage, -accuracy) and spend your entire mission playing a game of chicken with your own primary weapon. Alternatives that will also most likely blow you up include the Tonkor and the Penta. The Penta though has Tether Grenades, which drag enemies towards each grenade once they land. I mean, why not?

Volt with a Zarr, about to blow himself up too.
Volt with a Zarr, about to blow himself up too.

The Zarr

While the Ogris is closer to the Rocket Launcher of Tea, Fortress 2, the Zarr is basically the Loose Cannon except with a shotgun mode as well. Sure, you might blow yourself up but you’ll look awesome doing so. Weirdly, the Zarr looks like it has cow udders on the end of it. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but you won’t notice as everything around you dies.

The Azima

The Azima is a poor soul. It’s the reward for logging in for 100 days, but it’s often left by the wayside because it’s not the Zenistar. Still, the Azima’s alt-fire, a spinning disc of bullets, is still pretty amusing.

The Nukor

Do you like microwaves? Do you like glowing beams of energy? Do you like expanding limbs? Then the Nukor is for you! Sure, the Nukor’s effect can be shoved on any weapon via the Peculiar Growth mod, but the Nukor itself is a great weapon. I mean, why not cook your enemies from the inside out? They’ll only do the same to you.

Limbo with a Panthera against a poor Arid Grineer with a Miter
Limbo with a Panthera against a poor Arid Grineer with a Miter

The Miter and the Panthera

The Miter is a gun that’s dropped in the boss fight on Exta, Ceres, in multiple pieces. The Panthera is built from the Miter and the Hikou kunai. Both of these guns fire FUCKING HIGH VELOCITY SAW BLADES at your enemies. I mean, how can you say no to that? The Panthera has an alt-fire mode that is the closest thing to a chainsaw in Warframe, holding a spinning disc of death in front of you.

The Amprex

I like flamethrowers. But I also like electricity. Well, the Amprex is basically a flamethrower that shoots electricity instead of fire. And it does insane amounts of crit damage. Oh and the Amprex sounds awesome. It’s such a cool gun, it really is. The only downside is that, despite costing a Forma, it comes with zero polarities and needs a good investment of Forma to really get it going.

Revenant using the Phantasma against a Mimic
Revenant using the Phantasma against a Mimic

The Phantasma

Speaking of flamethrowers, did you know there are more flamethrower weapons than the Ignis? While the Embolist is useless and has less range than a polearm, the Phantasma is basically a short-ranged shotgun-like flamethrower that can shoot a flaming lump of sentient matter at enemies with its alt-fire. Because why not?

The Staticor

The Staticor is basically the Sonicor but bigger and more explode-y, while also being fired from your hands. It’s as close as you’re going to get if you want to act out your favourite Dragonball moments, while also being usable in day to day combat. The Staticor also has weirdly large range, which recently got buffed. Honestly if it wasn’t for the charge times, I’d use the Staticor way more often.

Atlas with the Staticor
Atlas with the Staticor

The Pox and the Mutalist Cernos

Last but not least, we have the Pox and the Mutalist Cernos. I group these together because they both have the same effect – wherever they land, they spawn a cloud of toxic gas. The Mutalist Cernos kinda does more damage and is more easily accessible since it’s a bow and has more ammo, but the Pox is a way more fun weapon, especially if you put it in the hands of an Operative in a Defense or Rescue mission. Death clouds everywhere. Both weapons are best used with a bright energy colour, because clouds of death SHOULD be luminous.

You’re basically throwing fart bombs at enemies, and it’s glorious.

Finally, shout outs to the Ignis and its event variant the Ignis Wraith, the Sonicor and the Lenz, all of whom are insanely good and are powerful and different enough to each get articles of their own.


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