New War Predictions and Desires

The New War is the next part of the Warframe storyline, a quest that features the Sentient Natah rather than the Lotus. Although frankly, considering that the only info we have is that Natah went back to her mum and her mum wants her to destroy everything, all coming from a very small trailer released at the end of Tennocon 2018, the New War could consist of just about anything.

So, since we know nothing of the New War, here’s some predictions and desires as to what the New War will contain.

Let’s start with predictions, because we can certainly make a few of those. We can predict that there will be a war and we’ll have to fight lots of Sentients. I’m certain that we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Sentient Mimics that littered the Sacrifice quest, and they’ll probably make up a large part of an initial Sentient invasion. We’ll be up to our eyeballs and neuroptics in Sentients. So, uh, grab the Paracesis, since it does extra damage to the adapting bastards.

A less certain prediction is whether we will be going to the Tau System or not.

At first, I doubt it. I think the first part of the New War will be in the Origin System, with us fighting enemies off. We’ll have an added faction trying to control nodes on various planets, almost certainly starting from Pluto and Sedna, possibly even from the Void. I wouldn’t be surprised if early hints would come from Invasion nodes, just like the already existing ones for Infested, Corpus and Grineer. In fact, I think Tau will be the reward for beating the New War quest, with the quest itself only having a few locations at first before opening up at the end of the quest. Mostly like how Lua and the Kuva Fortress were unlocked after the Second Dream and the War Within.

As to what will actually happen? I have no idea. But I doubt the Lotus will be killed permanently. Not just because Warframe players really love “Space Mom”. Natah is a Sentient, and her father is Hunhow, who has managed to avoid death a billion times now. We dropped an ocean on his head, tore his magic sword in half and destroyed his attempts to hijack the Cephalon Weave – the equivalent of the internet for us. Hunhow hasn’t been confirmed dead. And whatever we do to Natah probably won’t be permanent. I’m pretty sure there’ll be some sort of split between Lotus and Natah though. I mean she could have murdered us before taking Ballas away but she didn’t, even though she killed Umbra in one shot the last time she saw him.

You know what there will probably be tons of though? Annoying Operator gameplay. It’s basically guaranteed, since the Space Kids are the only things that reliably kill Sentients. Heck, we kill Sentients and chop them up to make magical wrist guns to make ourselves stronger. I’ve actually gone and prepared for this by building Arcanes and getting Way Bounds unlocked in my Focus Schools, so I have over 1000 health on my Operator. I need to work on my amps though, and a lot of them are locked away behind the Profit Taker currently. I recommend that you all get yourselves a good amp too.

There are some things I’d like to see though, in the New War. Excalibur Umbra has proven himself to be one of the best Sentient-killing folks around, although a well-equipped Eidolon team is also pretty good, but it seems silly to just take one frame into a war. We do have the Umbral Mods that give bonuses that work against Sentients, but you know what would be cooler? Aside from more Umbral Mods, that is? More Umbra Warframes.

Come on, Volt Umbra and Mag Umbra would be awesome. Loki, Ash, Trinity, Rhino and Ember Umbra would all be awesome too. Even if they’re not as fancy as Excalibur Umbra. The original 10 Warframes, or at the very least the original starter frames would all be amazing as Umbras and would give us so much more choice when it comes to fighting Sentients.

The most important thing I want to see though is someone else to guide us through missions. Ever since the Apostasy Prologue mini quest, the Lotus has been replaced with a glitchy purple version. Ordis tries his best to mimic the Lotus but frankly Ordis should just be himself. There’s loads of people who could guide us through missions aside from Ordis. Teshin literally does that if you do other quests during the Natah/Second Dream quests while Lotus is missing, and since everyone seems to be able to communicate with you at a whim, we could have anyone from Maroo to Clem to the Syndicate leaders to the Tenno Council and our Operators ourselves guiding us. Or we could just have silence.

Either way, the New War will be big. And scary. And filled with Sentients. So I really recommend getting your Operator ready.


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