The Lords of Brewer’s Grove – A Pathfinder Campaign

Hi, there! I’m the temp writer and sibling of the almighty blog overlord; you can call me Skully. I’m currently running a 5th edition Pathfinder campaign with Medic, our brother and my boyfriend and I’m going to share a rough synopsis of our current predicament. First of all, let me introduce everyone.

Medic is playing Rhyn’Go AmWoluff, a timid but spiritual Kitsune Druid with a wolf companion named Floof Greymayne. While she may be rather quiet and new to roleplaying, her character is quickly blooming. Our brother is the valiant Dwarf Barbarian who goes by the name SkullDave IronClaw; a strange name for a strong and violent fighter. He has been known to cut goblins in two with one swing of his dwarven waraxe. My boyfriend is roleplaying the Gunslinger Elf Kritstopher Raloneirios, the son of a prominent elven trader who has taken a keen interest in black powder and exploring the world in search of adventure and gun mechanics.

The party started their adventure walking into a town called Brewer’s Grove, renowned for their fine brews. They arrived at the local inn in good spirits after recently acquiring the bounty from their last quest so, purses full of money and bodies tired from exploring, they were ready to celebrate. Only hours into their drinking session, Kritstopher and SkullDave start to feel rather bizarre. SkullDave sadly rolls a critical fail of a 1 on a 20-sided dice (a D20) and promptly falls flat on his face and collapses under the table. Confused and wary, they retreated to their rooms for the night after negotiating a rather fantastic deal with the innkeeper for a week’s stay, all inclusive.

Rhyn’Go came to the realisation that there was something wrong with the beer, and they began to investigate the brewery the next day. They find some odd things are starting to happen in this town. Their new alchemist friend, Cornelius, and the innkeeper appear to be under some sort of control spell. The closer they look, the whole village appears to be under this same control, apart from people who don’t drink beer. Suspicious..

During the night, the group sneak their way into the tunnels under the brewery and are surprisingly attacked by a group of goblins. As SkullDave slices two of them in half, the elf has gripped one goblin by the ankles and begins to interrogate it. The dwarf swiftly loses his patience and swings at the goblin, but he sadly rolls a critical fail. This leads to Kritstopher regrettably and hilariously getting pounded in the family jewels and promptly throwing up on the goblin in his hands. Rhyn’Go decided to take a swing! And rolled a 1. The poor elf was aggressively smacked in the stomach and nearly vomited a second time before he lost his patience and broke the goblins neck against the wall.

The group press on, fighting a large swarm of coin-sized mimics (Monsters that can mysteriously disguise themselves as anything and can murder you with their strange, perverted tentacles.). Surprisingly, that actually went very well, but this is when Kritstopher makes the biggest mistake of the session; he shot the carpet on the floor with an arrow, suspicious that it was a mimic. Unfortunately for him, it was.

The mimic rose up and charged the not-so-unsuspecting player, and began to chow down on his pretty, supple elven face. While his teammates were rolling 1s and biting their own arms and the air, the elf was nearly murdered by the tassled being before the dwarf succeeded in rending the carpet into much smaller, tattier carpets. Exhausted from laughing at their critical fails, the party move on and find a possessed demon-born, who informs them that they must find a villager who is not under the lord’s control. You see, the whole town is under the control of the lord, who is attempting to control the entire country through potions in the beer supply.

And thus, the crew of motley fighters adventure out and challenge the lord to a duel! The lord and the captain of the guard fight Kritstopher and SkullDave in a violent battle, which results in the elf shooting the lord’s head clean off his shoulders and SkullDave forcing the guard captain to yield.

While this may be cause for celebration, I hadn’t told you one crucial thing; Kritstopher picked up a baby dragon on his travels and gained it’s trust. Said dragon lands in the square and gives a large puff of fire as a celebration, at which point Kritstopher fails a roll to handle his dragon. Unfortunately, the yielded captain is incinerated.

The group are now in possession of a small town by the name of Brewer’s Grove and have become joint lords. While that may sound like a crazy adventure that ends in victory, the campaign has only just begun; there are many more adventures to come.

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