How to Do Spy Missions Effortlessly

Not everyone is a fan of Spy missions. In my very early articles about Warframe, I mentioned how Spy missions were okay, then quickly changed my tune when I realised that they were more tedious than everything else, distracting from the normal killing and maiming and murdering of other missions. The thing is, there’s a really easy way of doing Spy missions. Like, insanely easy. It’s a slow method but it’s an effortless method.

The first step is to farm yourself 400 platinum. You can do this slowly over time by farming vaults in the Orokin Derelict and selling Corrupted Mods, doing fissures and selling what you get or by selling veiled Riven mods. Because let’s be honest here, it’s unlikely you’ll get something good from a Riven. Primed Mods and weapons from Baro Ki’Teer are also easy to sell.

Next, you want to go to the Market and purchase Ivara with the platinum you traded. You need to get her to at least level 10, but it doesn’t really matter as long as your 3rd ability is unlocked.

The next step is to either get to the highest rank with the Perrin Sequence or spend about 25 platinum buying the Infiltrate augment for Ivara.

Finally, you want to put the Infiltrate mod on Ivara, alongside Flow, Streamline and, if you have it, Fleeting Expertise. Throwing on Continuity and a health mod or three helps as well.

As an additional, optional step, put a silencing mod on your primary, secondary or shotgun weapons.

Congratulations, if you have completed those steps, you can now effortlessly do pretty much any Spy mission. Even the Lua and Kuva Fortress ones. Sure, the Lua mission is probably more easily done with Nova or Nezha, but Ivara still does them effortlessly.

Ivara's nice. I like her. I actually don't use her Artemis Bow a lot though.
Ivara’s nice. I like her. I actually don’t use her Artemis Bow a lot though.

Ivara with the Infiltrate mod is genuinely broken. You render every single camera, every laser, every sensor null, with the added bonus of also increasing Ivara’s speed while using Prowl. The only things that can ruin your day are Parasitic Eximi, unsilenced weapons, bumping into a Nullifier or Toxic Ancient or accidentally bulletjumping and breaking Prowl while in a vault. Apart from those, which are mostly avoidable, you’re unstoppable in Spy missions.

You can also take your damn time while doing Spy missions. Have a look around and find new routes. A luxury you don’t have while playing a Spy mission with a non-invisible frame.

The thing is, you’re supposed to learn how to do Spy missions well, without triggering alarms, as you farm for Ivara. After all, Ivara parts are potential rewards for doing a Spy mission perfectly. But the drop chances on those Ivara parts are pretty damn low, almost on par with the slog that is farming for Khora. And doing Spy missions perfectly, especially early on, is a very hard thing to do because you need to memorize paths and patterns.

It’s not hard, farming for Ivara. It’s tedious and slow. The sad thing is, you can farm for platinum faster than you can farm for Ivara. That’s what I did, and I’m not even a very good trader.

Sure, there are other options. Limbo is very fast at doing Spy missions as he too can ignore lasers but he needs a little more setup, as well as a way of breaking cameras, which can ruin your day. The likes of Nova, Nezha and Volt are only really good for speed-running, when you don’t care about triggering alarms. Ash, Loki and Octavia all have invisibility but they can’t just walk through lasers like Ivara can.

And finally, sure, everyone who has done the War Within has invisibility now. Operators can do a lot of Spy stuff with Void Mode. But Operators are inconsistent and have far less energy unless you level up Zenurik. Even then, the inability to do a normal jump can be a disadvantage at times.

Ivara may be slower, but she is easier and much more guaranteed three perfect vaults.


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