Fishing for Cosmog

I’m not sure what day it is. Everything is blurring together. The little jingle of getting experience in Minecraft is stuck in my mind. I hear the sound of a bobber being pulled under at random. Large, blue surfaces and pixel oceans make me stutter. And I want to murder every single Deerling and Surskit in existence.

Why? Because I have been fishing for Cosmog.

Fishing for Cosmog
Fishing for Cosmog. And coming up empty.

You see, the other day, the Pixelmon server I play on had a minor update. You see, this server has a way to earning in-game money by mining and fishing and various things like that. It also has its own little economy, and players can trade, auction and sell Pokemon to each other, as well as mine and fish for money and the chance at various treasures. The money from mining and fishing was never great, but there was a chance you could get something cool. The update though altered some of the rewards, making it so you can fish and mine up random Pokemon and adding a buttload of Pokemon to the potential prize pool. And the biggest prize of all is an encounter with Cosmog, the smallest evolution of the Generation 7 Legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala.

So here I am, fishing for an extremely tiny chance at getting a Cosmog.

Why Cosmog? Because it evolves into one of my favourite Pokemon, the massive, moon-themed starry dragon-bat thing called Lunala. It’s not a dragon (despite looking like one), its typing is Psychic/Ghost, but Lunala is so fucking cool.

So far though, I’ve not managed to obtain a pixelmon Cosmog, or a Lunala. And I’ve been fishing for hours at a time, on and off for like 5 days now.

Me fishing with my current Pokemon party. Arkay the Noivern does most of the work, especially when it comes to Pokemon that won't catch - Super Fang is really good at not murdering Pokemon you want to catch...
Me fishing with my current Pokemon party. Arkay the Noivern does most of the work, especially when it comes to Pokemon that won’t catch – Super Fang is really good at not murdering Pokemon you want to catch…

It’s not like I haven’t caught anything cool. I’ve caught 2 Kyogres and a Manaphy. But this server is a pretty old server, meaning that most of the older players have those and most of the newer players can barely afford to buy Pokeballs, let along legendaries. I’ve also caught quite a lot of shiny variants of Pokemon in the fishing prize pool, but the thing is, so has everyone else. Everyone has been fishing for Cosmog, meaning that everyone has had a lot of close misses, catching the small pool of other legendaries or catching the multitude of shinies or whatever.

But I have also caught a LOT of trash. So many damn lily pads. So many damn Prismarine Shards and Crystals. There’s not just Pokemon you can fish up, you can rarely fish up things like blocks of Coal and Diamonds, but there’s also the vanilla fishing rewards, like, well, fish, string, bowls, boots, sticks… Even things like saddles and enchanting books are mostly worthless because there are no hostile enemies (meaning no use for anything apart from utility enchantments, making the multitude of damage enchantments pointless) and there are no horses in this server to put saddles on.

I think what hurts more is that I’ve seen other people catch Cosmogs. About 10 people so far. I’ve done nothing on that server apart from fish the last week or so and it’s breaking my brain. I’ve actually made a huge amount of money from fishing, about $600,000 when you include the Pokemon I’ve fished up and sold, the ‘Old Coins’ I’ve opened and the $40 you earn per successful fish. I’ve spent a HUGE amount of time on this and I’m still coming up short.

Actually, I’ll tell you what hurts more. I saved up 1.5 million dollars (including the aforementioned 600k) on that server to get to the rank of Elite. I got fuck all rewards for it. I could have put that 1.5 million to one side to BUY a Cosmog and maybe have some pocket change left over.

I’m not going to stop now. I’ve made it my goal to catch a Cosmog. It WILL happen. I WILL get my legless bat dragon moon thing! Even if it kills me.


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