Torchic Community Day

I really enjoyed the Torchic Community Day. Just like the previous Bagon and Totodile ones, the Torchic Community day gave us three hours of KFC battered and breaded chicken fun as we baked in the sun while throwing balls at cute digital flightless birds. Mostly.

Torchic Day was on Sunday rather than Saturday this month, meaning I saw a few more people wandering around. There’s normally two good spots to camp and catch Pokemon – the harbour and town hall and while I’ve always opted for town hall (because it’s shadier and you don’t get harassed by people trying to get you to eat at your restaurants), a few people decided to also come up to town fall, forgoing their normal harbour wanderings, which was nice.

Pokemon Go Shiny Blaziken

As always though, after the first hour, pretty much everyone else buggers off, only leaving a handful of people trying to get more than one shiny. Turns out a bunch of people buggered off home to spoof, which I feel kinda defeats the point. Sure you’re not overflowing with Torchics here but just how many Torchics do you need? Plus it seems like a waste of a lure module or seven if you’re going to lure the entire area and then go home after an hour.

The best and worst thing, at least locally for me, was that all the Torchics were WEATHER BOOSTED for most of the three hours. Sure, it meant that Torchics were more likely to break out and flee, but 700-900 CP Torchics were the norm. And that saves a fortune when it comes to powering up your Combuskens and Blazikens later. On the flip side, I did nearly run out of Pokeballs.

In fact, with some trades, I ended up with a nice, nearly maxed out Blaziken. As a Torchic, it had a CP of over 1000.

Pokemon Go Lucky Blaziken

The shinies were somewhat plentiful as well. Brother’s first Torchic was a shiny. I ended up with 8 total, almost all of which were nicely spaced out, one of which actually had good stats! It was a 88.9% Torchic. Really, anything over 70% on a shiny is amazing, so it was nice to get a top tier chicken.

May’s Community Day though didn’t really offer many extra bonuses. Actually, the most recent ones have only offered a few bonuses in general. Torchic’s day gave us triple stardust on catches (which stacked with both the weather boost and star pieces) but for previous Community Days, I recall getting… more. Like reduced egg incubation times, double candy, double stardust AND experience and more. I suppose Torchic Day was better than the double catch experience from Bagon Day though.

The other strange thing was that Blaziken got two new moves – the Community Day exclusive move Blaze Burn (which every fire type gets for some reason) but AFTER the event, Blaze Kick was also added, available via TMs. Luckily, being a starter, it’s cheap enough to add both moves to a Blaziken but it seems weird to tease both moves at once. Especially since Blaze Burn makes Blaziken one of the top, if not the best fire attacker.

Still, as all community days, Torchic day was fun. Can’t wait for the next one!

I also managed to catch the tail end of someone using a Mossy Lure, meaning I managed to evolve two Leafeons. They’re nothing special but I like them.


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