The Warframe Saint of Altra Update – First Thoughts?

I’m a little bit angry at this update. After all, it killed the blessed Fortuna 69 with its awkward timing, and that place was as saintly, probably more saintly, than this update. After all, the Saint of Altra brings with it a bunch of new things, most notably things to kill people with. Things that kill people while supposedly being vaguely saintly.

There are four main things that the Saint of Altra brought with it. The first is Gauss, which I can’t tell you much about since he’s currently building in my foundry. All I know right now is that Gauss has very fancy Field of View effects when you go too fast, so there’s a lot of jokes of going to plaid, like that good old Spaceballs joke. I don’t know how good he is, heck I haven’t actually PLAYED with a Gauss yet. He also comes with two weapons that I can’t tell you about because they have atrocious drop rates from uncommon enemies in one specific mission.

The new Harrow skin.
The new Harrow skin.

The second main thing that this update brought was a Harrow Deluxe skin. It’s a fucking beautiful skin. A hollow, wispy void that comes with awesome armour and an awesome skin for spearguns – i.e. the Ferrox, Scourge and Javlok. This skin is gorgeous and the bundle isn’t THAT expensive – 275 platinum, with the skin being 165 platinum on its own. Harrow’s not really that deserving of a deluxe skin so soon but it IS nice.

The third main thing about this update is also the main thing I want to talk about. While the Saint of Altra update did bring a lot of little things, bits and pieces, it also brought a ton of Disruption. Like, most of the new content is stuffed into Disruption. A bunch of nodes were switched around and one new node was added on Lua, all of which are Disruption missions. Because Alad V is selling those stupid conduits to any idiot who will buy them. And the Tenno… are kinda just here to, uh, steal from the conduits?

But we have a problem here, the stuff from the conduits isn’t really worth stealing. Sure, Disruption is a pretty easy mission if you’re a higher level player and it can be a bit tricky with newer players (I did try the low level Disruption mission on Mars and it’s not tricky but newbies might struggle with Ghouls and their cold/toxin procs) but the rewards are just… relics. There’s a chance to get Gauss parts on the Sedna mission and ‘Universal Syndicate Medallions’ on the other missions and some minor rewards like that but it’s… mostly just relics. We can get relics everywhere and 1000 standing isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things. The only real benefit to Disruption is how the reward rotations scale better if you go on for longer and you can do the mission pretty quickly as well. Weirdly, from what I’ve noticed, the other missions don’t seem to scale as quickly as the original Jupiter mission.

The other little things though, they’re all pretty good. For example, all Bows got a large damage buff and some got other increased stats as well. The Look Link and Mod Link tools are insanely good, allowing you to share your current build or fashion frame style in whatever chat you have open. The Shawzin is pretty cool but I’m fucking useless at it. Then again, I have no musical talent what so ever so that’s to be expected. There were also bug fixes and things like that, but as I said, it’s all mostly just buts and pieces.

There is… one other thing worth mentioning though…

Volt Prime with physics on his butt cape.
Volt Prime with physics on his butt cape.

Volt finally got his cloth physics. His butt cape finally moves, vaguely like the way fabric parts on other Warframes move.

Like, finally.

After soooooo many years.

Except it’s kinda… hole-y.

Volt Prime with physics on his butt cape. Except it has holes in the underneath. And Volt still has no butt.
Volt from behind while bullet jumping

And Volt still has no butt.


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