The Problems with Lilith

I’ve written in the past about how I dislike the character Lilith from the Borderlands series, mainly about how she’s the reason we have all these current problems in the Borderlands universe, but frankly, after playing only a little bit of Borderlands 3, I’m really, really struggling with having to deal with Lilith. Because she just feels like a massive hindrance to, well, everything.

I’ll start off by saying that everything from the aforementioned article still applies. Lilith is the reason why Roland is dead and why Handsome Jack rose to power in the first place. Lilith also made Angel’s death completely moot since she ended up charging the Vault Key, something Angel really didn’t want to happen. And if I’m honest, the way Lilith treated Athena at the end of the Pre-Sequel was fucking disgusting. Sure, the Vault Hunters are all morally grey but Lilith has always touted herself as being better than that.

But I’m rambling on about the past. We need to talk about the future and Borderlands 3. Frankly, I can’t talk that much because I haven’t gotten that far in the game – it’s that same damn scenario where I am always waiting on others to get online and play with me, because I don’t want them to miss out. Of course that always backfires because most people aren’t willing to do the same for me, like when my game crashes for example. But what I have done is play the tutorial area a billion times, up until we reach Sanctuary.

Simply put, Lilith’s actions confuse me. Most notably the whole fight between her and the Calypso Twins. Mainly the fact that Lilith decided to fight and didn’t have anyone around to help her, while she was carrying the Vault Map around. Okay, sure, the number of Crimson Raiders is pretty low, but Lilith is the leader of the Crimson Raiders and she had literally no one with her. Not Ellie, not Tannis, not even Vaughn, who can at least use a gun. She was just running around with an invaluable item that bandits everywhere are murdering everyone to get their hands on.

I would have been less harsh on Lilith if she had decided to just run away or something and the Twins somehow managed to lure her out or drag her back. But no, Lilith decided to fight them there and then. She proceeded to severely underestimate Tyreen and get her ass handed to her and her powers drained.

There’s another issue with this: Lilith can teleport. She can teleport pretty well and pretty far. After all, she fucking falls from the sky in the intro and just seems to teleport both herself, Tannis and Ellie around at will. Even if the Calypso Twins HAD attacked her completely by surprise, there was no reason for Lilith to have been captured unless they had one of Handsome Jack’s handy Siren collars around. Lilith could have easily teleported herself and/or the Vault Map to safety and kept her powers intact.

But nooo, Lilith had to play the hero and try and fight. And she was beaten, handily. She’s fucking lucky that Ellie and the Vault Hunters were around because she’d have been murdered by common bandits with ease.

Then again, really, the Twins are also as fucking retarded as Lilith is, since they didn’t bother to finish the job. This is basically Handsome Jack all over again.

Am I being harsh? Probably. After all, this IS the main set piece that kicks the rest of the game into action. But frankly, I’m kinda tired of having to pick up the pieces after Lilith’s constant fuck ups.


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