Inktober 2019

Inktober is a challenge where you draw an item a day, generally following a list of prompts and using some sort of ink. 2019 is the third year I’ve done this and, aside from a couple of pics, I’m actually pretty happy with what I’ve drawn. A quick heads up, there are some bare breasts in here, because breasts are surprisingly fun to draw. Here’s all thirty one images, the stuff I drew for Inktober.

Day 1 – Falena

Falena are a weird amphibious race, part whale, part frog, part other things. This is the race that Epani sometimes appears as when she wants to blend in with mortals.

Day 2 – Giratina

Giratina is a pretty cool Pokemon. Originally I had planned to just do Pokemon but frankly I almost forgot to even start Inktober and I’d already drawn a Falena. So Inktober 2019 is half Pokemon, half Phoviverse stuff.

Day 3 – Arkay and Sini

Arkadin, the God of Death, is used to being around mortals. Yisini, the Goddess of Life, not so much. When the four Phoviverse Deities are turned into mortals, it takes all of Arkay’s strength to stop Sini from going outside in the nude.

Day 4 – Voltiidro

Kairos is the Dragon God of Time, someone who is about 80% pure ego. So being turned into a mortal is not fun for him. He also doesn’t like having to eat.

Day 5 – General Litvir

Livtir is the General of the 11th Legion of the Rethavok and a rather… strange being. Many believe he is some sort of vampiric being, but really he only ever feeds on emotions, never blood.

Day 6 – Muffin

Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometimes you need a muffin. I didn’t have a muffin so I drew one.

Day 7 – Trinkets

This is a character I drew for a Pathfinder/Dungeons and Dragons campaign idea I had. Sadly I realised I’m too boring to be able to ever host a campaign myself, so I never went anywhere with this.

Day 8 – Timik

Timik is a Temthan and a member of the Army of Four, a bunch of adventurers who nearly got turned into death gods because they’d accidentally angered the Goddess of Life. Like most Temthans, Timik only really wears enough to cover his private parts.

Day 9 – Kayen

Kayen is a Skyavok and another member of the Army of Four. Skyavok have telekinetic powers and the ability to create ‘psionic wings’, wings made of pure telekinetic energy which they can use to fly short distances.

Day 10 – Milkshakes

Kayen (centre) and Psiksi (right) try to convince Arkay, the death-god-turned-mortal, that things aren’t as bad as they seem and that he should stop worrying and chill out a bit.

Day 11 – Kuta

Kuta is a captain of the 11th Legion and dutifully serves General Litvir. Most other Rethans dislike Kuta as he is small and talkative and just wish he would shut up about his silly theories.

Day 12 – Trapinch

For Trapinch Community Day, I drew Trapinch nomming on some Pinap Berries. Cute Pokemon.

Day 13 – Burning

Some asshole decided to burn this cute Skyavok cottage down to the ground. No one was hurt and the asshole responsible was arrested not long afterwards.

Day 14 – Couple

Elkay used to be the High General of the Rethavok, the most powerful Rethan alive. He sacrificed himself to save others but when Elkay found that he was still alive, no one seemed to care and the Rethavok had already moved on with a new leader. At least Elkay found friendship with an older Skyavok by the name of Teekay.

Day 15 – Hellhound

There is no afterlife in the Phoviverse but that hasn’t stopped people from believing these flaming creatures, loosely related to Thraki and Temthans, were created by the Death God himself.

Day 16 – Mourning

Arkay mourns the one being he couldn’t save, an unknown, unnamed Vrekan.

Day 17 – Nude

Sini runs around the house naked again. She doesn’t care. Not one bit. Yes, Temthans, despite seeming reptilian, have breasts. But they’re a fictional race not based on existing life that also suckles their young so nyah.

Day 18 – Darkrai

Darkrai appears in Pokemon Go in Legendary Raids. The bastard is weak to Fairy and Fighting, and with no good fairy attacks that aren’t weak to Dark (Gardevoir is Psychic AND Fairy), everyone is using Machamps, Machamps and more Machamps.

Day 19 – Mimikyu Family

It bothers me that 1. Pikachu dresses up as Mimikyu for Halloween and 2. that Mimikyu doesn’t have any evolutions. Heck, Mimikyu’s gimmick could apply to so many Pokemon.

Day 20 – Shiny!

The day I got my shiny Houndour! After so long, it finally happened and I got the shiny Pokemon of my dreams! And then I caught a second one a few days later!

Day 21 – Argument

Kenon (the big one) argues with Kinisis (the little one) about the fate of their children, the four deities that Kinisis made mortal to ‘teach them a lesson’.

Day 22 – More Ghosts

Ghost types are cute. I bet there will be a Litwick community day at some point. They all like to steal souls though.

Day 23 – Flight

Athrevok are a little-known species related to both Skyavok and Rethavok. They are rather aggressive beings and dangerous hunters, which murder prey by squishing it against the spikes on their chests.

Day 24 – Elksia

Elksia is a Vrekan and a member of the Dessaron, the original gang of four beings who managed to unravel the god Kairos’s plans to take over the universe.

Day 25 – Terry

The Teralyst wanders around the Plains of Eidolon at night, mourning the loss of its complete Sentient form, then disappears as the sun rises.

Day 26 – Gat

Most Phoviverse beings don’t have pets because they tend to get eaten by bigger creatures. The Kronospasts attempted to rectify this by creating Gats, cute yet vicious little scaled and furred bastards that hunt down rodents and claw at anything in their way.

Day 27 – Dragon

Just a cute little Whenvern, nothing to see here.

Day 28 – Pool

The Fidavok are a somewhat in-between species, filling the gap between Temthic reptilian races and simpler beings. They are considered holy by those who worship Yisini due to their naga-like appearance.

Day 29 – Epani

Epani is the Goddess of Space and normally she looks like a colossal, moon-sized shark creature. But occasionally Epani wants to look nice and attractive. Especially since she’s been watching Kairos and Yisini fall in love with each other and is beginning to feel that she is missing out.

Day 30 – Love

Kairos, the Dragon God of Time, and Yisini, the Goddess of Life, have fallen in love, mostly because they realised they had feelings for each other while they were briefly mortals. And because they’re gods, they don’t care what anyone else thinks. They’ll snuggle wherever they damn well please.

Day 31 – Oops

Turns out not everyone knew that Kairos and Yisini are now lovers, lovers who have spent the last 48 hours enjoying themselves and falling even further in love. That makes things very awkward when Arkadin, the God of Death, accidentally walks in on the elder deities making out. Now we all know that Yisini really likes having her cobar-like head-flaps licked and tickled. I’ll let you all decide how you feel about that information.

And that’s it for Inktober 2019. I did actually enjoy drawing most of these, which is nice. I should draw more often, although I’m still unsure whether to draw more risque stuff or not.

Then again, these days, all the money is in sex and violence…


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