The Learning Process to Killing a Teralyst Solo

On Friday 18th May 2018 at around 11pm, I managed to kill a Teralyst on my own with no squad mates. I’d attempted this a few times, only to be met with failure, or find I don’t have the right equipment. A much more experienced player might find it amusing how overly proud I was with my single Eidolon kill and might find it disheartening that I didn’t even attempt to try killing the other two Eidolons, but this is a boss fight made for four people, involving end-game gear and things like that – you basically have to do everything mentioned in this article about killing Eidolons on your own. Considering I normally can’t hit the broad side of a barn and generally am not very good at games, this is a big achievement for me, and one thing I can do that my could-play-competitive-if-he-wasn’t-lazy brother can’t do.

The proof of my capture, and the only screenshot I thought to take while solo-killing an Eidolon.
The proof of my capture, and the only screenshot I thought to take while solo-killing an Eidolon.

But it took a lot of work to get this far. A lot of work. And a lot of failures. My most obvious being using Volt instead of Oberon.

Yeah, my first few attempts to kill a Teralyst solo all used Volt Prime, building for high power strength and duration and low range, creating Electric Shields that both boosted my damage a lot and lasted a long time. The good news was that using Volt meant I could remove the Space-Kid-Only shields on the Eidolon faster. The downside was that I was unable to keep the lures alive and had no way to protect myself from the waves of magnetic energy every time I broke a limb piece. Oberon may not really work on lures but having Hallowed Ground to stop the magnetic waves is a god-send.

Of course you need a specific build for Oberon. What I normally use, an all-round build with strength, duration and efficiency, doesn’t get the job done. It’s great for normal missions where enemies have a chance of dropping health orbs but when you’re fighting an Eidolon, all you get are Eidolon parts. So I went with a high strength, high efficiency build with enough duration for Hallowed Ground to last the duration of the magnetic wave part. I used Rage and a Decaying Dragon Key (-90% shields) to make sure I had lots of energy, and Phoenix Renewal to save on respawns – in my successful fight, I think it only procced once though.

Another important aspect though was switching Focus Schools. And I don’t mean heading out to the Plains of Eidolon forgetting to change back to Zenurik after a hard day of leveling things up using Naramon affinity buffs. I mean you need to work hard on that Madurai tree and start filling it out, and also get yourself a couple of Waybounds unlocked in other schools. At the very least, you’ll want the extra energy from Zenurik, and the increased range from Naramon helps. The extra health provided by the Vazarin school will also be very helpful. Each waybound skill on the focus tree though costs 1 million focus. And frankly, the fool that I am, I have a billion Naramon lenses I stuck on everything and didn’t put many lenses on anything else.

Basically though, you HAVE to have Madurai as your main school, and you have to at least get Void Strike leveled up. Void Strike means you do more damage with your Amp when you leave Void Mode and drain your energy. This damage actually stacks almost indefinitely, so it’s worth spending a while sitting around, draining all your energy and filling up.

Just… make sure you get your Lures before you do so. Because I’m an idiot and used the alt-fire on one of my amps to auto-aim and break some Vomvalyst shells to charge my lures and wasted some of my Void Strike shots. Getting your Lures should be the first thing you do anyway, especially since you can grab seven of them and have them all following you. Sure, only two will attach to a Teralyst but at least you’ve got backups in case one goes boom.

Then there’s your Amp. I honestly don’t know which one is best. I was using a Shwaak Prism, Shraksun Scaffold and Lohrin Brace (called a 223 because of the tier you need to be able to buy the parts from the Quills) but a lot of people use the Klebrik Scaffold for the autoaim beam to help kill Vomvalysts. Most of my clan recommends a 233, a Shwaak Prism, Klebrik Scaffold and Lohrin Brace. No matter what, you need that Lohrin Brace since it gives by far the best stats compared to the other two braces.

The final thing? You need a well-forma’d sniper rifle. Single shot, massive damage, mainly Radiation, which the Eidolons are weak to. Some people have tried the Opticor but really you need reliability. The best weapon is the Lanka due to the fact that it easily turns to Radiation Damage, but the fact that it’s charge to fire puts me off. I’ve been jumping between the Rubico and the Vectis Prime, but I haven’t gotten around to putting more forma in. The damage difference shows.

Normally you have a Chroma to use a gun and shoot the limbs off, but in a solo situation, you’ve got to do it yourself.

Thing is though, there’s a HUGE amount of room for improvement. There’s the aforementioned formaing of my sniper rifles so I can fit in more damage (mainly the 90% elemental mods rather than the 60% elemental mods) but positioning and such are also key. I need to learn to properly time Void Dashes and not waste my Void Strike constantly. I could also get myself a bunch of Magus and Virutous Arcanes (for Space Kid and Space Arm Gun respectively) to make my life easier. Making sure I kill Vomvalysts is important too, because they can fuck up your day, not by hurting you but by halting your progress.

Oh, and speed is a thing. I think it took me about 20 minutes to kill one Eidolon? I could probably do it more quickly. The thing that took the longest honestly was shooting out the limbs, I found that, even without properly charging Void Strike, destroying the shields wasn’t too bad.

I could also try switching to Trinity. With a Bless build, I can give myself and my lures damage resistance, and with Energy Vampire I can hopefully get some energy off the odd Vomvalyst. Trinity is the BEST at keeping lures alive, and does so at the press of a button.

But it all comes with practice.


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