5 Pokemon You Should Be Collecting and Getting Ready To Evolve for December’s Community Day Weekend

just like December 2018, December 2019’s Community Day in Pokemon Go won’t feature one Pokemon but will in fact reprise all the Pokemon featured in community days this year, everything from the almighty Swinub to the honestly completely useless Slakoth family. But at the same time, from 9am until 9pm on the 14th and 15th of December, you’ll be able to evolve any Pokemon from a previous Community Day to get its special Community Day Exclusive Move.

But with 22 Pokemon with exclusive moves, which Pokemon should you prioritize? Well, here’s a handy list for you all.

Community Day Exclusive Pokemon You Should Evolve
Community Day Exclusive Pokemon You Should Evolve

1. Meteor Mash Metagross.

Are you tired of seeing Chansey, Blissey, Slaking, Snorlax and Clefable taking up space in gyms? Then you need a Meteor Mash Metagross! It turns out that Steel and Psychic dual typing combined with a really powerful move is really damn useful when it comes to both taking out and defending gyms. While Meteor Mash Metagross hasn’t had a huge amount of time to shine in raids, he will always have a use in gyms, and Metagross will also eventually be really useful in raids, especially if Shaymin comes out at some point (a fairy type) and will be quite useful against the terrifying Ice Dragon type Kyurem.

2. Smack Down Tyranitar

Rampardos and Rhyperior are both very strong Rock types, but Tyranitar is a trusty, reliable menace and Smack Down is a very strong move. Unfortunately, it’s a fast move rather than a charge move, which means (assuming you want to have good variation and strong teams) you need to have one Tyranitar with Bite and one Tyranitar with Smack Down. Unlike a Bite/Crunch Tyranitar though, which is only really strong against Psychic and Ghost types, Smack Down has a more… universal use. I’ve actually got a whole article about how my own Smack Down Tyranitar has benefited me over the last few months.

3. Salamence over Dragonite

Dragonite’s cute and all, but Salamence is almost as great a dragon type as Rayquaza, and is far cheaper to power up and evolve AND will be spawning en masse on the December Community Weekend. Sure, there was that jump start research with the Dratini, but Salamence has the same typing but seems to have all-round better moves and damage, but, more importantly, has a better-looking shiny and won’t require you to get lucky from eggs and raids to obtain one since they’ll spawn in the wild.

4. Mamoswine but not with Ancient Power

While Rayquaza, Latios and Latias may have disappeared for a while, it’s quite likely that Dialga, Palkia and Giratina will return and we will eventually be fighting three dragons in Generation 5 legendary raids at some point in the future, so it’s definitely worth stacking up on a couple of Mamoswines if you don’t already have one. Ancient Power isn’t a particularly good move for Mamoswine, so ideally you just want to collect candy then evolve the Pokemon AFTER the community weekend, but Ancient Power does charge pretty fast, giving gym attackers, Team Rocket Grunts and PvP players an unexpected surprise.

5. Whatever you didn’t manage to get last year

I’ll be honest, half of the Pokemon you’ll see are starters with the same three moves: Blast Burn, Hydro Pump or Frenzy Plant. They are all good moves and most of the starters are the best in their type, ignoring Legendary Pokemon, while also being cheaper to power up and being very easy to give second moves to. So this is an opportunity to grab Pokemon that you missed and evolve them to get the special moves you want. If you don’t have any of them, I’d personally recommend aiming for the three Kanto starters and Blaziken, as they’ve been the most useful to me, but get the ones you don’t have or don’t have many of first before you go and evolve your 9th Combusken into Blaziken.

Anyway, those are my suggestions, but don’t stress out too much. If you can only get one Pokemon with a community day move, that’s fine. One is better than none.

Oh, and remember, if you want an Umbreon or Espeon with Last Resort, walk your Eevees 10km in advance!


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