Five Pokemon Who Need Party Hats

The Hatch-a-thon has returned in Pokemon Go, meaning that we get extra rewards for hatching Pokemon from eggs and there’s a massive 50k stardust reward for walking 50km in a week. This also means that Pikachu in a Party Hat is popping up in the wild, with Pichu in eggs and Raichu wandering around with a party hat feeling unloved as always. But 2020’s Hatch-a-thon also brings with it some new Pokemon! Raticate and Wobbuffet can be found in raids with party hats and Wurmple and its family can be hatched from eggs with party hats, all of which can be shiny.

But frankly, we need more Pokemon with party hats, because some people have been left out. Here are the five Pokemon who need some confetti and a hat right now.


Weedle is the perfect Pokemon to have a party hat because Weedle already HAS a party hat! Okay, it’s a horn, but can you imagine just how damn cute Weedle would be wearing the same party hat that Pikachu and Wurmple have? The rest of Weedle’s family should have party hats as well, with Beedrill having party hats instead of, uh, well, drills.


The Mythical member of the Swords of Justice, a strange company of equine-like Pokemon with hooves and horns that are all somehow fighting types (and thus unable to punch things) seems like an unusual choice for a Pokemon to wear a party hat, but Keldeo has a nice little unicorn horn on which you can place the party hat and it is also sentient enough to be able to understand and appreciate what a party is. Keldeo also has a My Little Pony vibe to it. Other options include Ponyta and Rapidash, but their Kanto forms would just cause the paper hats to catch fire, and then everything would burn down and it’d be a massive disaster.


Wooper is adorable. Wooper knows how to party. Wooper is the best when it comes to headbanging. Wooper needs a party hat. And frankly the Wooper family is basically a water version of the Wynaut family with more actual discernible features, so there’s no reason Wooper can’t have a party hat. I mean, if you’ve seen Wooper and its headbanging, you’ll probably agree that Wooper needs some sort of hat. Or at least some heavy metal music to rock out to.

Rattata and Wynaut

The most important two in this list! How comes Wobbuffet and Raticate both get party hats and their smaller base forms, Rattata and Wynaut, don’t? There’s no reason why these two cuties deserve to miss out on party hats! Rattata spawns in the wild and could have a party hat the same way Pikachu can, it can even have a shiny the same way Pikachu can. As for Wynaut being a Pokemon only available in eggs, why is that a reason to not have it in eggs? Because Pichu is an egg-only Pokemon too and that can be hatched as a shiny AND with a party hat!

It’s so damn unfair that Rattata and Wynaut are left out. Sure, the other Pokemon deserve to have party hats too, but seriously, why the hell are there no party hat Rattatas? And don’t say it’s because no one likes Rattata, because why the hell does Raticate have a party hat?

Oh well, I’ll just have to give these poor bastards party hats myself!

Pokemon with party hats
There we go. These Pokemon got the hats that they deserve.


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