Poor Little Sinnoh Event

There’s currently an event in Pokemon Go right now, a three day event featuring Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, i.e. generation 4. But it’s a very small event, somewhat slipped in over a weekend, in the middle of a month that’s absolutely packed with a huge number of rather random events, everything from votes for a Community Day, a World Pokemon Day event and random mystery events as well, not to mention your standard Valentines Day event because of course there has to be a Valentines Day event.

So this Sinnoh event is a thing and it’s… kinda small and mostly egg-based. The good Pokemon you want is shiny Riolou, which is only in 7km eggs. The normal spawns are replaced with Sinnoh region spawns and the raids are similarly changed, although not just with Pokemon from Sinnoh but with Pokemon that evolve with Sinnoh Stones. There’s also new research for this event.

The good news? 7km eggs are worth getting and hatching right now. If you have time to walk them, which I don’t with my single infinite-use incubator. The stuff in those eggs is mostly Sinnoh stuff, with apparently a change at Gible. I’ve had good luck with 10km eggs for Gible but a 3km discount to try and get one is pretty good. Riolu is also valuable now as Lucario is the best fighting type (even if he’s squishy as heck).

As for the research, two thirds of it is really good. The Sinnoh Celebration: Win a Raid research task gives you a Hippopotas, which is a newly released shiny, while Sinnoh Celebration: Evolve a Pokemon with a Sinnoh Stone will give you a Cranidos, an insanely good (although squishy) rock type that has been annoyingly rare, far rarer than Shieldon and Bastiodon at least. The Catch 5 Kricketot Research gives you a Combee, which is shit because Combee is spawning in the wild as well. We also just had an event where that stupid cricket Pokemon spawned everywhere anyway. There’s also a research task to catch 5 Sinnoh starter Pokemon that rewards you 1000 Stardust. This is an excellent reward (basically tripling the stardust you would have gotten anyway), but you’ll want those more important Cranidos tasks first.

The bad news? Well, everything else, really. The Pokemon spawns mainly.

Why? Because most of them are 1. common spawns and 2. don’t have shinies. I see Starly all the time. I see Bidoof all the time. I see the aforementioned Kricketot pretty damn regularly as well. These spawns are your basic every day non-event spawns that you tend to ignore anyway and you’ll be ignoring them now. I’ve been pretty lucky and I’ve been seeing a lot of Meditites, but that’s because I’ve had an entire weekend of windy weather, so they’ve been boosted.

Generation 4 Starters
The Generation 4 Starters. The penguin is the best.

Sure, there’s also the gen 4 starters, Piplup, Turtwig and Chimchar, but we’re all kinda tired of them. After all, we had Piplup Community Day back in January and Turtwig and Chimchar both appeared in the December Community Weekend event. They’re also a pain in the ass to catch, like all starter Pokemon are.

The raids aren’t that much better, but I’m not too fussed about the bad raids, since useful things like Shinx are still appearing. Plus, this event is already rather egg-incubator-heavy, it doesn’t need to be raid-pass-heavy too.

But it’s not all entirely Pokemon Go’s fault. It’s just that Sinnoh doesn’t really have that many Pokemon in it, and the ones it does have are all mostly throwbacks to previous generations, meaning they wouldn’t spawn in the wild in Pokemon Go anyway. Baby Pokemon don’t spawn in the wild at all while things like Ralts or Murkrow are either already common or recently had events as well.

Oh well. At least we got some extra Cranidoses out of this event. I always appreciate a Cranidos.


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